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All-New Website Packages are Fully Responsive (Mobile and Touch-Friendly) and are Content Managed (CMS) allowing you to update them.

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Website Packages

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Content Managed (CMS)

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Google Search Console

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Custom 404 Page & Canonization

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Online Enquiry Form

Favicon Creation

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Basic Onsite SEO

1 Hour Telephone & Email Support

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Security, Management & Monitoring

Intermediate SEO

1 Hour Telephone & Email Support

2 Week




3 Days






Security, Management & Performance


3 Hour Telephone & Email Support

3 Week




2 Days




Bespoke Logos


Security, Management & Performance or .com

Pro SEO 3 Months

Unlimited Telephone Email Support

4 Months




1 Day

*Selling Items – this refers to the website having a single Ecommerce Page with items for sale using Paypal Buttons, this is not for a full ecommerce website.

We are fully transparent about what we do and what we charge, here is a list of the website charges that may be applicable to your website project initially or during its lifetime.

If you are unsure about what website service you require, have a look at our website project chooser that gives a brief overview of our services.

Standard Business Brochure Websites

We have the talent, time, technology and team available to design, build, maintain and promote any website you want. Our business brochure websites cover the majority of startup, small and medium-sized companies website requirements for a new website. Take a look at your choices and give us a call to discuss further.

CMS – Content Management System – We provide your website with inbuilt Content Management Facilities, so you can add and change your own content, this is limited to 5 pages on Premium Sites and 10 pages on Premium Plus Sites.

For further descriptions and limitations on your website build and support look here.

Content writing (per page) £50
Additional Webpages (in addition to package allowance) £50
Domain Name Purchases / .com £45 / £55
IT / Internet Training Per day £250
Company Promotional Video £700
Professional Logo Design £150 – £300
Search Engine Optimisation Report £49
Additional years Hosting (2nd and subsequent years) £110 Linux / £150 windows
Webcopy (text for complete website) 7-10 pages / 3000 words Guide price £300
Extra Image Carousels / Photo Galleries £40
3 Month Pro Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Program £800 – £900
Email Signature £45
Embedded Video (w3c complaint video on your webpage) £39
Forum £395
Website Options – Choose from our Special Website options £35 each

Why delicious webdesign?

Delivering Delicious Websites Affordably

See how long it takes for us to contact you back after you use this form you will be impressed we are sure.

You are welcome to come and visit us for a chat and coffee at our offices in Stanford-le-Hope in Thurrock, Essex.

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New Business Websites

This is what most companies and organisations start with, a great building block to moving on to more advanced and dynamic sites, we will give you a customised designed site that can be created with the goal of getting your company on the Internet as cheaply and as quickly as possible, it includes everything you expect, plus some bits you didn’t expect. It will be created within 1 to 2 weeks, then once you give your signoff it will be uploaded and added to the search engines, ready for the world to know you have arrived.

This is for you if you just want something to showcase your goods and services with all the standard functions including, contact us forms, image galleries, descriptions of what you do, prices for your goods and services, a section about you and your company as well as references to your previous customers and clients. If this sounds like the type of site you had in mind then we offer them in three flavours depending on the levels of features you require. See below for our three varieties of standard business sites and what each one offers. Take a look at the steps and stages we follow for your website project process.

Even though this is classed as a standard website you can have an eCommerce facility by using Paypal and Google Checkout systems and you can have a great looking image carousel or gallery and a customised header for your company name to sit on.

We are able to offer business specific websites for a diverse range of business types including estate agents – property rental companies. If your company has specific requirements please mention this when you request your website quote.

Cost largely depends upon what is required, the four-tier table above gives options from Starter, Business to Premium and ultimate website prices and features list. Standard services that are required may include logo design, photography, SEO, SSL Certificates Image Carousel, Embedded Video and Music (audio).

Additional Functionality

You may require a site that you can update yourself, or perhaps include a forum or guest book for example – this is what we term as ‘additional functionality’. Cost depends upon the number of pages and the functionality you require, we also undertake adult webdesign.

Dynamic Websites

Content Management Websites

This is a choice that is becoming more popular allowing you total control of the updating of your content. This is custom designed site with a content management system to allow you to add –edit–delete your web pages and content at will, giving you control over your own site. Our Ecommerce sites will have CMS built-in as standard, allowing you total control of your prices and textual content of your pages. Full CMS sites are normally built with WordPress.

Database driven websites – Dynamic sites

This is the option you will need if you anticipate that you will need to store a lot of information and provide search facilities to your users, a database-driven site may be required. A good example would be an estate agency or dating agency so you could be able to add – edit and delete properties or clients at will from a database that would also enable front end users to search the database for a property by postcode and price or a person on a dating website by matched interests. We include our Adult sites in this category. Approximate cost £2000 + due to the nature of this type of site please contact us for a quote.

Ecommerce Websites – Shopping Websites

Great, so you want to start making some money by selling goods and services on the Internet, read on. Your online shop is a unique investment allowing you to sell your good to the whole world if you require or you can limit your sales to individual countries.

Due to the complexity of the website setup and the fact that there is a database back-end to host your administration and item details for your shop the price of these websites is normally more than a business brochure website. Your hosting will require access to a MySql database and as such we normally recommend hosting ecommerce sites with us to ensure we have total control of your database to ensure the highest security.

As standard your eCommerce – webcart – shopping site will come with Content Management System allowing you to update the textual content within the main pages of your site and we will not charge an ongoing fee for your site, once its been designed, tested and put live your site will not need any ongoing maintenance from us so you will not have to pay any ongoing costs for your site apart from further hosting fees in the 2nd or 3rd year. If you are serious about making money on the internet then this is the option for you. Currently we favour building your ecommerce site with Woocommerce for wordpress or Prestashop. For more details have a look at our ecommerce solutions page.

Custom Company Logo design plus Flash Banner

Want to ensure your site stands out from the crowd ? Then this is the additional extra you need, we will design your company logo and put it in a new Flash banner for your site to ensure it catches the attention of your site visitor. Have a look at our previous website banners – logos.

A new website for your company

Delicious Webdesign provides effective, stylish, delicious and affordable website design and development. As a well established small business web design company, we offer a range of affordable web design services to individuals or businesses large or small. Our web design packages start from only £300, this price covers everything almost all small businesses require when beginning to set up a new site. We provide this service to you as gently as you need, if you have never considered an internet presence for your company before and have no real idea about the internet then don’t worry, believe it or not loads of people are in exactly the same position as you before they decided to get their own site.

We ensure the process is taken as slow as you want, we are in no hurry and believe this time is important time for you to tell us what you want a website for and for us to consider your requirements and provide you with exactly the right tool for the job. Our designs come in a range of flavours to suit every occasion and its in both our best interest to get it 100% first time, Your success is our success.

If your company requires something more that the standard business brochure site, then you will be happy to know that we offer the full range of packages including ecommerce, flash design, CMS systems or database based sites, ensuring the most appropriate fit to your requirements, we strive to provide a full variety of packages and options which would be classed as ‘extra services’ with many web design services.

You will find that nothing is too much trouble for us here at Delicious Webdesign in Essex and we thrive on ensuring you get exactly what you want from us and are very happy with your site. This is because we want you to tell your friends how good we are and we want them to be our next clients, so as you can see we are just like you. We are business people who want to make money, we want to do this by providing something you are very happy with and indeed so happy with you, will tell your friends about it.

Packages include the following

Site Design

  • Domain name (website name) and 1 years hosting
  • Unlimited Content Changes
  • Unique Custom Design to your specification, with changes to get it how you want it.
  • W3C Compliant site XHTML and CSS
  • Logo Design – Company Banner Design
  • Contact us form Newsletter form
  • Email Setup POP3 email setup instructions and training for webmail, email client and blackberry (internet mobile devices)
  • Image Gallery (javascript display) Revolving Carousel image selector (if required)
  • Javascript
  • Menus
  • Content Management System Full training on how to update the site (if a CMS website is chosen)
  • Encrypted and secure email (anti-spam measures)

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Keyword Analysis Reports
  • Professional SEO report (to be shared with yourself)
  • Submission to Major and Minor Search Engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo)
  • Submission to 10 Free Directories including
  • 3, 6 and 9 Month review of Google Ranking
  • 3, 6 and 9 month update to site to enhance SERP rankings
  • Google Metrics taken at key phases of development


  • Google Analytics package (Weekly Email Report)
  • Favicon Design and submission
  • 404 redirect – custom error page creation
  • 24 hour update of site with new content (will be live maximum of 24 hours after receiving them)
  • Review after 12 months for site changes – improvements Support – help for website and email administration and advice

Some features are only available on the Premium Brochure sites. Do you have any other questions? Have a look at our FAQs and if they do not answer them then. Please contact one of our designers or directly email us at Also have a look at our Webdesign Portfolio.

Why use us for your new website?

Essex’s Favourite Internet company

Our Internet design company is a unique design firm offering a variety of services from basic website Design to complete more dynamic sites like e-commerce website development. We have created and launched many exciting and successful websites since our inception, for a variety of businesses and organisations. Our web design team have the time to listen to your requirement and they have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into delicious and successful sites.

Delicious Webdesign provides you with affordable website solutions offering you a range of packages, you can see from the section above, which are there to suit every business requirement with development services delivered in a professional manner backed up with a top priority customer service.

Every aspect of your site design and development – domain name advice, design, logos and branding, SEO, content creation and ensuring that the website programming (XHTML & CSS) is W3C compliant to web site hosting is done in a professional manner along with affordable web site design rates. Delicious Webdesign also caters to your online brand building process by providing wide range of Internet marketing and search engine optimisation / optimisation services.

We will ensure that we are not limited to just building your website and putting it live but we extend our services to proper marketing of your web presence to the potential online clientele. After all it’s no good having the best looking shop if nobody knows how to get there! We appreciate there is a lot to understand creating your website so we have created a brief website design process guide to help you understand it. Take a look at some of the common questions we will ask you before we start building your website.