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Advertise your Business Online to Increase Traffic to your Website

Paid for advertising on the Internet or Pay per click (PPC) gives you the potential, regardless of the organic or natural ranking on your website to feature on the first page of a search result. This give you the flexibility to increase traffic to your site when you want it, which is useful for many reasons and its very possible you want to ensure your site gets featured prominently for specific search terms and the PPC advertising model is the way to achieve this.

All of the major search engines have a pay-per-click advertising model, Google has AdWords and Yahoo has sponsored search. Google being the most visited (as of April 2023 Google has a 93.6% market share) and therefore the most expensive method of advertising, as Google has the majority of the search engine market in the UK we tend to concentrate our advertising efforts with them. Google AdWords PPC adverts appear to the top and to the right on the standard search engine results pages (SERPS) and are commonly identified as Sponsored Results, Sponsored Links, Sponsored Listings and Featured Listings on the various search engines.

The Pay per click (PPC) model of advertising on the major search engines enable you to select what advertisement you want featured and permits you to bid on search terms or keywords, therefore its recommended that you only bid on search terms that relate to your business, search engines this will ensure only relevant customers land on your website. At the beginning of an advertising campaign we will give you a list of keywords associated with your business and allow you to choose what keywords you want to feature in the advertised listings for. You will find that we can do the complete keyword selection for you or can be on hand to help and advise as you wish. Depending on your budget you can set a daily advertising limit and you have the ability to restrict your adverts to specific times of the day or week. There are many strategies to PPC advertising and these will be discussed with you depending on your business goals and the advertising budget available, as it’s easy to get to the top on page 1 of the PPC search results but it’s not an efficient use of your advertising spend it if you are advertising to the wrong type of people or you going to use all your monthly advertising budget up within the first few days.

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Part of our expertise is the understanding, while doing keyword research for you, of what keyword searches might best fit your business needs and be targeted enough to be cost-effective for you.

All the search phrases we suggest for you appear throughout the UK when users type in the search phrase into Google ⁄ Yahoo and Bing search engines. They are suggested to us by Google’s professional platform as phrases that people are typing in on a regular basis.

We will be aiming for your target audience and hoping to achieve a high click thru rate (CTR) and once they are on your site we would hope to achieve a goal conversion on your site, whether that is a sale or an enquiry from your contact us page, we will track and record this.

Typically search engine users, type in a search term then click on a PPC advert, situated at the top or to the right of the screen, they are then sent to the advert’s website and the advertiser then pays for that visit, therefore your advert could be on the screen without being clicked on for days without incurring any cost.

Sound simple so far? well it gets slightly more complicated and that’s why we aim to manage your PPC Internet advertising campaign to top industry standards for positive results!

The complications in PPC are the reason you should trust your advertising to an experienced Search Engine Optimisation professional and someone who knows the Google AdWords PPC system. Of all the many complications in the PPC model the most confusing one for new advertisers is that the rank of your advertisement is not simply based on how much you bid for it or its Cost Per Click – CPC. It’s now based, in Google, on a variety of ‘secret’ factors including the popularity of the advert which will result in Google enhancing the adverts position if the advert is popular and clicked on lots, therefore a 5p CPC advert will rank higher than a 10p CPC advert if it gets clicked on more times.

This is why the advert needs to be appropriate, clearly defined and targeted. The quality or SEO optimised pages also attract a lower CPC which is a great reason to use SEO and PPC together for your website.

Most Internet marketing professionals see the value of running both SEO and PPC campaigns together, there is a great deal of satisfaction from seeing a search engine results page show natural and PPC results on the same page We will be aiming to maximise your return on investment (ROI) we will do this by monitoring and attempting to constantly increase the amount of people clicking on your advert thus improving your click-through rate (CTR), along with attempting to reduce the visits from people who will click on to your site then click off of it.

Indeed all sites we build from our ‘premium’ range will be added to Google Local so its possible that a website appears 3 times on the front page of a search query, this is what we aim for with all our premium websites.

Approximate cost 10% of advertising spend for managing your AdWords campaign (min monthly spend £100)

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The Three Big Search Engines & You

You have just got a shiny new website and now your faced with getting to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), short-term you can invoke a PPC campaign to ensure you take advantage of your new website’s potential to give you a boost in the PPC rankings, while your natural rankings build up. Later on you can reduce your PPC advertising spend as your natural ranking will bring in visitors and sales conversions also.