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Time to read on then…

Having a web-site is only of use if you receive traffic on a consistent basis. There are the traditionally ‘free’ ways of attracting traffic to your website they are customers seeing your website name on your vehicles or stationary “word of mouth” and paid for directory listings like Thompson and Yellow Pages online and paper directories. SEO enables your site to be viewed in search listings for the appropriate ‘search terms’.

Search engine marketing (SEM) can be achieved in many ways, by good and bad or white and black hat methods, all of us have seen the site that you arrive at that doesn’t offer the product or services you searched for. That’s because they are attempting to trick the search engines by using different keywords in their web pages to what they offer. The good news is the search engines invariably catch on to these sneaky ways of manipulation and reduce their standings accordingly, we are the white hat guys!

Correct/White Hat SEO

We don’t like the idea of manipulation and ensure our sites conform to the search engines guidelines and involve no deception or tricks. We optimise your site for the long-term using W3C complaint pages that have valuable and meaningful content with everything possible done on your optimised site so that it’s visible and logical for search engines to index favourably.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is now offered by most web development companies. At Delicious Webdesign we have expertise dating back 20 years in the Search Engine field, this goes back to the days of Freeserve and Altavista when they were the main engines and trying to get on their important search listings was all-important.

Fast forward to 2023, we find that the search engine algorithms of the main crawler search engines of Google, Safari, Yahoo and Bing change frequently and are closely guarded secrets but one thing doesn’t change – professionally written, information-rich, concise and efficiently coded websites will always outperform badly coded sites with poor content.

The factors we consider important in your website’s SEO plan and construction include:

  • Keyword Analysis (search term research)
  • Interesting and unique content on every page
  • Backlinks – Incoming relevant links
  • Concise Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Site Navigation
  • Internal linking structure
  • Domain name linked with sites keywords

More advanced SEO plans may include:

seo website promotion

It’s increasingly important to know if your company appears in search engines when you type in your products, services and area coverage. Does your website even appear if you type in your company name? Thanks to our industry knowledge of web optimisation, we will help you take advantage of the power of the Search Engines to get you listed on the FREE “Organic” listings in Search Engines. You will enjoy daily enquiries coming through from your contact forms as a result.

Our Website Design company have the option to promote websites itself or use a specialist Search Engine Company for our advanced search engine optimisation techniques to ensure your company receives the very best chance of being ranked highly for your targeted search terms.

Take a look at our Portfolio to see some of the other sites we have helped achieve high search rankings.

Take a look at these tips to rank your website higher, that we apply to your website and you are free to apply them yourself.

Delicious Search Engine Optimisation

So we start with W3C compliment sites in XHTML and CSS and then offer three levels of SEO optimisation and always delivering better results than expected, One large new factor in Search Algorithms is the age of a site so there is no excuse to delay now the sooner you get your site listed the better.

If a company is telling you that search placement ⁄ SEO is all about META tags, you should make your excuses and leave. Many years ago you could add many META tags full of relevant and irrelevant words to your site and you would crawl up the search rankings to page one. Those days are long gone; search engines are constantly evolving with the aim of providing higher quality and more relevant search results. Some smaller engines still factor in the Meta tags but you can leave them off and it would hardly affect your Google rankings which are the most important rankings

Our SEO Services are Three-Tiered (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and offer:

Development search engine optimisation – designing your site so that it is easy for search engines to index and each page tells the search engines what it is about, this is achieved through the use of semantic XHTML in combination with tools to discover what people search for as well as a few little SEO secrets that we have picked up 🙂

External site search engine optimisation – this involves getting your website recognized on the internet, so search engines have a reason to reward you by placing your site higher and perhaps even on the Nirvana of Google searches ‘a page one appearance’.

We now include in our Starter, Business and Premium web packages: the submission of your site to Google, Yahoo and MSN, the creation of your domain’s site map then the submission to Google Site maps as well as a three monthly review of your site’s traffic. We will subsequently make changes to your website with the aim to increase your site’s Google ranking, this will be done at the 3 month SEO review point.

SEO Tips from our Search Expert

Before you begin your website / SEO development, you should have a review of your business, focusing on who you want to attract and what keywords you want to optimise on your site. So when you approach a company like ours with a web design order or request you, should be starting to think about the business area(s) or target keywords you want to focus on:

  • You should tell the company what business area(s) and keywords you want to appear on Google and other search engines.
  • We review your choices and with our SEO tools will suggest a few others
  • We optimise certain words/groups of words to ensure your site targets the correct audience

You should position your targeted keywords carefully in your website ensuring the key ones get key positions like Title, Description and they feature in the page content, don’t neglect your Meta Tags!

Once you are satisfied with own SEO work or indeed your own SEO site, what else can you do to promote your site ? well you are in luck as we have a guide promoting your own website.

SEO Satellite Sites

The Satellite site can be fine-tuned to attract specific searches, especially for geographically targeted searches and deliver these results to Google and the other engines. We have used this SEO method on many occasions and have had much success with it, we actually use it for ourselves by having two geographically targeted satellite sites (web design essex and essex web designers) it goes without saying that if we use this method we must recommend it.

Content will always be King!

Ensuring your site has relevant content is a key factor. It’s why people come to your site so make it interesting and unique, build your inbound links (back links), ensure your site conforms to W3C standards of HTML, XTML and CSS encoding and that your site works with all the main browsers (Google, Firefox, Safari, Yahoo), ensure you submit to the key directory and crawler search engines, analyse your traffic and how they get to your site regularly.

Avoid the following to increase your search ranking: Frames, Splash pages, keyword spamming, poor spelling and grammar and sending spam emails, especially to us!