Web Design Process

Steps to ensure you get the website you need and want!

Key Elements:

Each of the steps above are completed in order, they can be quick and simple or complex and time-consuming depending on a lot of variables but normally it is the initial steps that take the most time. Each individual step has multiple parts to it but not covered here to enable the process to be shown in a simple form.

Further Detailed Steps of Website Development:

  • We will prepare and send the design layouts in .jpg format followed by rounds of revision, if needed.
  • Once the design layout is finalized we will convert it into HTML/CSS*
  • We will prepare all static (non-programming) pages based on the content/images delivered by you.
  • We will prepare all dynamic (programming) pages based on the requirement explained by you.
  • During ‘work-in-progress’ the site will be hosted on our server for your review and feedback.
  • Once the project is completed and paid for, we will deliver the site to you.
  • If requested the complete website may be delivered to you in .zip format. Alternatively we may upload the whole site to the live server provided the FTP and Cpanel information is provided.
  • Design tool: Photoshop
  • HTML tool: Dreamweaver
  • Development platform: OS : Linux/Unix, Programming: PHP, Database: MySQL

Further Steps once the site is Live:

Once the website has been put live and signed off then there are further processes that go on if there is a website optimisation (SEO) project or an advertising (SEM / PPC) project that has been included in the website package or added as a project request. The SEO process follows a detailed structure like our website design process where we create an initial brief SEO review then a more detailed SEO Analysis Report.