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What's SEO - Search Engine Optimisation?

The Search Engine Optimisation, SEO for short, is definitely not just about optimising he search engines, as it’s also about optimising the websites for these search engines. Well, SEO is the one that could help your website rank better in search engines, both major and minor. There are, basically, a good number of ways and even methods of SEO, and some of them are legitimate enough, while the others are limited and considered as the blackhat technique. Keep in mind that these search engines do not really like blackhat SEO, not to mention that the effect of its usage could be somehow disastrous for the website.

Every page of your new site will be coded to be search engine friendly and optimised'. This ensures your website gets the best possible start in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) compared with other non optimised sites. We use google approved good ⁄ white hat techniques so you can ensure your site will not be penalised for using sneaky techniques to get onto Google and the others. Go here for extra information on search engine optimisation.

How can I get on the search engines like Google?

We will get your website added to the main search engines are as part of your package. As standard all sites are submitted to the main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo on your behalf. You will also be pleased to know we create a Google Local listing for you also so your website appears on the map listing when someone searches for you in your geographic location.

Why do you need SEO?

Whether you own a small scale or a larger scale business website, you still need to your website to feature in the search engines for relevant search terms. The higher you rank for these relevant search terms the more website visitors / enquiries and sales you will achieve. For this reason SEO can help you promote your business, all around the world. Our websites are created to be search engine optimised (SEO) as part of the build so you can be assured your website will appear highly for its key search terms.

Can you do it yourself?

You certainly can if you know how SEO should be completed or perhaps you have some experience in SEO then this would be ideal. However, not everyone has knowledge of onsite and offsite SEO, there are some website owners that have had bad experiences when they attempted to find 3rd party SEO professionals who claimed to be able to help them with making their website more attractive to the search engines, you will be pleased to know that we can offer the full range of SEO services and have a great track record to show that we know how to produce results for you. We are website design and SEO professionals who would delight in promoting your website so all you need to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits that you’re getting from our hard work. We will always encourage you to work with us during any SEO project and will provide you with easy to follow guidelines to give your own website a ranking boost.

What are the basic concepts that you should know?

In general you should be aware of all the Google Webmaster Guidelines when creating and promoting websites, we operate a content first strategy for our SEO programs to ensure you have a valuable 'resource' that offers unique / relevant and interesting content for people needing to find you for information or your services.

Are 'black hat' SEO techniques bad?

So-called "black hat" techniques represent methods that are frowned upon by Google. Keyword stuffing, spamming, blind links and invisible text all fall into this category. Delicious Webdesign avoids such procedures; guaranteeing that your site meets all current Google Webmaster best practice guidelines.

Will SEO strategies change?

It is likely that Google will continue to create updates in regards to search queries and website rankings. However, Delicious Webdesign aims to keep on top of these changes and to implement them within your site as they become necessary.

Is pay-per-click advertising worth it?

Pay-per-click strategies will not enable your site to rank higher than would be possible with organic search listings, but it will give you visibility at the top and to the side of the ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ search results. It will help you control your search engine visibility where you can control where and when you appear (depending on your budget) potentially allowing to appear at the top of the search results page; a key to increasing sales and conversion rates.

What can I expect in terms of SEO in the future?

The mobile friendliness / responsiveness of a site will become more important as a ranking factor. We believe that the content strategy will move away from targeted keywords towards topics so it will not be as simple as adding a single key search term or a long search term (sometimes referred to as long-tail keywords) to a page but you will have to write uniquely and with some authority about your topic. Additionally, it is likely that Google will become stricter in regards to the weeding out of websites with un-natural links, un-naturally inflated social signals and useless or ‘thin’ content.

Do you keep current with Google?

If you are wondering how we keep our knowledge current and relevant in regards to search engine updates you will be pleased to know that when choosing our team is that these professionals are well aware of how these requirements tend to evolve over time. Also, Delicious Webdesign makes it a point to keep abreast of all of the latest news before changes will affect the status of your site. We can show you some local, national and internationally highly ranked websites that prove that we know what we are talking about so you can see websites which, over time, we have helped to increase their search engine visibility, you will also be pleased to see just how flexible our approaches can be.

Will I be on the first Page of Google?

This is a common question and the short answer is 'possibly' but nothing happens overnight and nothing is guaranteed or promised, it’s more important to rank well for a wide variety of search terms that builds your visitor numbers and turns website visitors into enquiries (email and phone) which turn into clients or customers and sales. Expecting your website to be on the 'First Page of Google' for any competitive search term within a short time of the website being created or SEO projects being started is not realistic. That being said we have built and promoted hundreds of websites that have reached the first page of Google for a variety of search terms that are relevant and competitive. This can only happen over years with a Responsive / Search Engine Friendly website that is updated / improved regularly.

In your contact form, what details do you need?

For new websites we would like an initial idea ⁄ outline of what you want to achieve with some example sites that you like the look and function of. We then endeavor to investigate and contact you if there are any other questions, this leaves us to send you an approximate quotation price and time frame for your website.

You will receive a no obligation quote and we will be delighted for you to contact us to ask anything you want to ensure you are happy before committing to your new website design project.

After the site is live what happens?

At the end of a website build we don't desert you and encourage you to give us feedback about your site and we discuss it's Search Engine positioning with you. Any minor amendments or content changes ⁄ updates are carried out to the site free of charge as part of our agreement. We believe that we stand out in this aspect as most companies charge for updates after the first few months.

Do I have to create my own content?

We can do it either way, you can create your content and we use it to put on your new website pages or we can agree what pages and topics need web-copy (text content for your website) and we have people who specialise in that part of website-development. We will go away and create a draft document for your inspection then after you proof read and agree it we will put this on your site.

Its important to state that this process has proved to be very popular and having unique, relevant and interesting content that has a high flesch ranking grade will go a long way to help your website rank highly in it specific sector for important keywords ⁄ search terms.

Why is having a website a good means of advertising?

Once the website has been build and put live it should attract more links and rise in the search engine rankings naturally over the years, therefore its going to be an asset of your business that will continue to deliver 'free' advertising. After the first year you will only pay a hosting fee (approximately £3 per month) to keep your website live, compare this with the advertising rates in Yellow pages and the Phone book where half page adverts cost £2000 or £3000. Sure you will agree this sounds an attractive advertising proposition.

Do I have to choose a design for my website design?

We wil always ask you for website examples you like and while we are happy to be able to offer a number of standard packages, there is also the possibility to select a more dynamic framework based upon your discrete needs. The best way to determine if this is the case is to speak with us during your initial website meeting with an experienced website design Project Manager.

Why is it important to include images within my site?

Apart from making your site more attractive to they are great ways to keep the attention of the visitor as opposed to text alone. If setup correctly images and photos with the correct attributes can be recognised by Google and the other search engines. This search engine friendly technique will enable the site to be more easily recognised; particularly when someone performs an image search within this search engine.

Do you add new features to your design packages?

We like to think of ourselves as a constantly evolving website design company. So, we always incorporate new tools and features as they become available. This can help to keep you ahead of the ever-progressing digital marketing curve.

Typical Email Questions & Replies

Email Enquiry

I am starting a new business and am looking into a simple website,could you provide me with a rough costing for the following:

  • 3-5 page website with a contact form and content management
  • How much extra would it be if I wanted to sell my products online?
  • What is the initial cost and then are there any annual fees after this?

Email Reply

Thanks for giving us the chance to help you with your new business and you will be glad to know that, we know what you are going through and as such can give you some good advice. There are lots of things to consider and discuss but very briefly to answer your questions below:

3-5 page website with a contact form and content management

We have 3 flavours of ‘business website‘ that you probably need and they range from £299 – £585 and the £299 allows you to have 5 pages (CMS option is another £100) or the ‘Advanced’ option has it built in.

How much extra would it be if I wanted to sell my products online?

this is where we need to chat about what you have in mind as we can allow you to sell online with the standard business sites but it depends on what your selling and how much control you want over stock as you may need a full ecommerce (website shop) solution

What is the initial cost and then are there any annual fees after this?

We need to chat about where you want to go and what you want to sell etc before giving a final cost but the site could be £299 – £585 and that includes everything you need and will want including support from us and advice on how to get your business established on the internet. The cost will include any associated ‘hosting’ fees we have for the whole first year 2nd year hosting fees are between £25-£30. At the end of year 1 we recommend that you sit down with us and review your website’s presence. We would then give advice about how to increase the sites visibility and give you options.

To go ahead with your new website or for anything not answered or covered above, as us for a no-obligation quote or send your questions to us here web design quote

For further information, take a look at the Business Website questions page.

Why Delicious Webdesign?

Delivering Delicious Websites Affordably

We know you have a choice who builds your site, beware of the lower quotes for new sites! These are pretty likely cost you more in the long-term due to extra maintenance and updates. The ability to build a professional standard website that’s designed and coded to W3C standards and is visually professional, and of course created using Google Webmaster guidelines ensuring that it’s search engine compliant, is very time consuming taking a good deal of experience and effort. it’s more common to find web sites being built quickly and cheaply by taking advantage of you by using non w3c standard code and not search engine friendly code that you simply will not see unless you look deep into the site, this is done simply to get to your money fast. Even some great looking sites are often coded without a thought for the for the search engines. So, if you are offered a low, cheap and too good to be true quotation then please remember that as in any purchases, you normally get just what you pay for, have a look at our testimonials to see how delighted our other clients are about the work we completed for them. Take a look at some sample questions we get asked by website clients.

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