NFC Business Cards

Connection in the Digital Age

NFC Business Cards – Plastic or Wood

In the dynamic landscape of today’s digital era, establishing meaningful connections with your customers is paramount. Our innovative NFC Business Cards are at the forefront of transforming how you effortlessly share your business information, putting your contact details at your clients’ fingertips with a simple tap. Designs come in a wooden or plastic style as seen in the examples below, topped with your bespoke personal touch.

Our all-inclusive service not only involves designing and printing the NFC Business Cards but also encompasses the creation of a dedicated business contact page. Seamlessly integrated, this card will usher your clients into the realm of immediate access to your crucial information.


Heres how it works!

Tap and Connect: Effortlessly bring your smartphone close to the NFC Business Card.

Instant Access: Experience the magic as your phone prompts you to follow a link, leading you to a comprehensive page housing all your vital business information.

Tailored Just for You: Customise the displayed contact details to mirror your preferences. Include your email, website, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, phone, WhatsApp – whatever resonates with your audience.

No more grappling with manual data entry or clients struggling to find the right way to reach you. At Delicious Web Design, we’re committed to revolutionising your business accessibility, fostering seamless connections, and ensuring you leave a lasting impression on your clientele. Welcome to the future of networking, made effortlessly simple through NFC technology.

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