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Creating Eye-Catching Logos For Your Business!

It is a well-known fact that a picture speaks a thousand words. Delicious Webdesign realises that a bespoke logo is one of the best ways to attract the attention of potential customers. Serving to reinforce one’s mission statement and heighten brand recognition, second-best design teams simply will not do. Our in-house specialists are proud to be able to work together with our customers to create an original, eye-catching and truly stunning logo. Much like the rest of our services, the needs of the client are always our top priority. Brand designs or brand identities are the basis for brand recognition and appeal. We can create your company logo or brand or enhance and update your existing one ensuring that we give you that delicious design refreshment.

From our point of view, intelligent design is the name of the game. A logo should be clearly recognisable and communicate the ultimate goal of any firm. This intuitive approach also allows us to quickly craft each and every design; an important consideration for businesses that must adhere to a strict time frame. This logo can then be incorporated into other mediums such as websites, banners, flyers and even business cards. The sky is no longer the limit when choosing to work with Delicious Webdesign for all of your logo needs.

For an intelligent and original design service for your business or organisation talk to us. An initial eye-catching design will help your site be remembered and sets your site apart from others. Here is a selection of logos that we have created for our clients. Take a look below to appreciate some of our past work!

Logo Designs

We have more logos, please look at our 2nd page of business / website logos.

We can take your direction or we can be left totally with the artistic freedom to create a company logo and artwork that will be with your business for years to come.

All our designers are trained in Photoshop and are all advanced users of the Adobe Photoshop CS5 package, we have a resident professional photographer who ensures every bit of artwork we produce is eye-catching.

See a selection of our website design artwork that encompasses website headers/banners, logos, flyers and business cards.

Having an effective logo on your website will attract the attention of new customers to your business. The first thing potential customers will see when they click on your website is the logo, so first impressions count. If you have a well-designed logo it can have a positive impact on your company, so we will work closely with you to create a striking image that will be unique, professional and will make your website stand out from the rest. When we design your logo, we are happy to give you a choice of 2 designs. You can choose what colour you would like the text and the image to be or you can leave that up to us to decide.

Reasons for having a logo

  1. It will attract more clients
  2. It will make your website more memorable
  3. It is a good way to brand your company
  4. It could help to increase your earnings
  5. It will make your company look more established
  6. It will show you are committed

Once you have decided on a logo that you love, we can then incorporate the design onto any other stationery that you require.

Logo design questions

There are some questions that we will need to ask you if you want a logo designed for your website and they will include the following:

  • Name to appear on logo:
  • Any business straplines for logo:
  • Please give a description of your business, along with the kind of products or services you offer:
  • Please list any company logos, famous or otherwise that you like:
  • List any colours that you would like in your logo:
  • List any colours that you would not like in your logo:
  • What style of logo do you have in mind? Modern, Text only, Old Style, Iconic, clean⁄crisp etc:
  • List any additional ideas⁄features⁄highlights that you would like to incorporate into your logo:
  • List your competitors within your marketplace:

Logo design tips from our expert

Delivering Delicious Websites Affordably

If you want an eye-catching logo/branding design then ensure you get it and if you want it changed after being shown the draft then speak up, this is an important time to ensure you are happy with your logo as it will probably stay with you for years. it’s important that you know what you request and likewise what deliverables that you will get on completion of the project.

Some designers don’t normally include original Photoshop PSD files with any printed documentation that may be required, in their handover of the deliverable’s to you the client, If having the original Artwork PSD files is important to you, then you much clearly request this as some designers don’t like giving out this, preferring to keep it and only giving out the JPG files that are produced from the PSD files. You will be glad to know we give you full rights to the logos we create to allow you to reuse them and ensure your business has a consistent look and feel about it.