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Common web design, website development concerns

These are a list of questions we ask you once the design process begins, to see a list of questions that clients commonly ask us then please look at our website design faqs.

One of the first questions that we get asked at the start of a new project is ‘how much will it cost’ and ‘how long will it be before my site is making me money?’. Although these questions have some merit, they are not easy to answer directly as both depend on many factors.

This is why we go through a process to establish that you know exactly what you want by us asking you relevant questions. These questions will actually make yourself think about your website project and ensure that you know where you want to be on the Internet and what you want your site to achieve. So even if you didn’t know what you wanted to achieve with your website and how much commitment you want to put into it, after a chat with us we would like to think you will have a better idea, we are a business just like yourself and we have been in a similar position to yourselves so we know what you are going through and we can help.

When you approach us for a new website or a request to revamp and update your site or even to embark on an Search Engine Optimisation project for your site we have noticed that there are some concerns that are shared between our clients and this is our chance to put these concerns down and do our best to answer them so that you can understand more fully the development process and perhaps will take some worries away from you during this important time for you and your (new) company.

How does it all begin?

After you contact us via email, phone or our contact us web form we will then decide whether we can meet personally, at your premises, house or business our our office, or even at a coffee shop somewhere. If you are happy and with just chatting about your new web project on the phone then that’s ok with us, also. Either way we normally give you some questions to think about before we meet up or chat on the phone. If you don’t live in Essex / London then email and telephone communication may be more convenient for you, typically the questions I give to prospective website owners are below, these help us get some ideas and direction from yourself about your goals and intentions for your new sit, ensuring that when we begin your websites web design / development and seo process that we have the best possible idea about your goals and intentions to ensure you get exactly what you want. This list contains the things we ask you to think about when you ask us what do i need to design a website. We have a questionnaire that we send you that covers the points below.

  1. What are your business goals for your site (what do you want to achieve ?).
  2. Try to give us some ideas about what your service, business, or idea for a website is about (We all have our own preconceptions about what a personal shopper or personal trainer does but we need to hear what your business is about from you). Try to give us some examples of other people / websites that are in the same sector as you are or want to be.
  3. What company / domain name have you got in mind.
  4. Thinking about point 1, what do you think are going to be the ways that people find you on the web ? what keywords / phrases do you think they will use to find you, you will be pleased to know we can supply you with a report of the most popular keywords / search terms for your business sector.
  5. What is your main service name and then what are the subsequent service names (for example a dance school may have ‘essex dance school’ as their primary function but offer others services like ‘personal dance training’, ‘vocal coaching’ etc).
  6. What are your timescale / deadlines involved with the project.
  7. What do you want or what can you provide for the site in terms of content (text information) and images / artwork.
  8. Have you thought about search engine optimisation (how your site will rank in Google and the other search engines) ? your business website package will ensure your site has good optimisation, as standard, but you may want to consider an ongoing process where we monitor and enhance your site on a monthly basis using onsite and offsite optimisation and marketing, we can provide three initial levels of SEO and leave it to you to decide what is more appropriate for your website.
  9. How much / how many updates to you envisage you will need to do to the website after the initial creation, do you want the ability to update the site yourself ? If so you may need a Content management system (CMS) that will enable you total control of your pages on your site.
  10. Do you want the facility for your website visitors to be able to purchase goods and services from your site, if so what sort of volume do you anticipate? This will enable us to consider what e-commerce solution would be appropriate for your site or if ecommerce is appropriate for you at all. We want to know how much volume you anticipate as this will ensure you get the most cost effective solution to your requirements.
  11. What websites do you consider to be your direct competitors.
  12. Do you have a look in mind, for your new site ?

Once I have your responses to the questions above I can start researching for your site and will come up with some website looks that you will be shown for comment and I will do a search keyword analysis based on your answers to questions 1.3 and 5 and give recommendations for your website (Domain) name unless you have one in mind already.

To go ahead with your new website or for anything not answered or covered above, as us for a no-obligation quote or send your questions to us here webdesign quote.

Why Delicious webdesign?

Delivering Delicious Websites Affordably

Mark Twain once said, “I did not have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead” We understand where Mark was coming from and we appropriate this maxim in our webdesign work. Ensuring that we do the work correctly and thoroughly the first time around, ensuring you get what you want and we get your site live in a short period of time without going back to you multiple times to get further information and details concerning your web design project.