Search Term Analysis

First Rate SEO for all your Familiar Search Engines

One of the web services we perform is keyword analysis to ensure that your site is optimised for the most appropriate search terms (keywords), after our initial consultation with you regarding your business goals we go and research the appropriate search terms to see what ones people will use to find your site.

Although you probably know your business inside and out, you don’t necessarily know what keywords people use to search for your products, services and information. it’s rare, for most businesses, that someone will want to find your company by name it’s more common that they will search by the service, product or information you are providing.

In our first session, you will be invited to give us a list of keywords relevant to your business. Then we use this list to find out exactly what people are searching for and how often they search for it. We also check out your competition to see what search terms ⁄ keywords they are targeting. We encourage you to look at your competitors to see what terms they are targeting also.

Sometimes in this process clients find out something that they didn’t know. People type the first thing that pops into their head that they think is relevant when they search. You may want to target commonly misspelled products (website design for instance), or know that the British spell some words differently than Americans (search engine optimisation and search engine optimizations)

As an example, there now follows a comprehensive list of search terms that apply to the web development ⁄ website design industry and their average monthly searches, when we complete your SEO for your site we will produce a similar list for your business to ensure your site is optimised correctly.

Search term


domain name900,000
domain registration900,000
domain web hosting900,000
email marketing900,000
graphic design900,000
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e commerce105,000
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Search terms

Unless you already have a website (domain name), we will use our keyword research to help choose the best domain name for your website. If has been shown that search engine results may favour domain names with keywords in them as well as the domain name remaining in someone’s memory if it relates to the product or service being offered, our own domain being a good case in point.

If your company offers beauty treatments as it’s main service, would be a better domain name than

Also take a look at our complete list of webdesign services.