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Having trouble working out what service you need, have a look at this quick overview of each ‘major service’ that you can expect from most full website design companies. By using the ‘Website Project Chooser’ below you can see what you need from us.

Business Brochure Site

These types of websites make up the majority of sites on the Internet. The purpose of a general business brochure website is to showcase your services with text and images and to encourage people to phone or email with enquiries or orders for your goods and services. Our brochure websites come in 4 ‘flavours’ and the premium plus one comes with a SEO project bolted on. Its worth stating that you can have ecommerce functions in a standard business brochure website (like the website you are on). More information on business brochure websites

business brochure websites

Search Engine Optimisation

Once you have a website you will need it to be ranked highly for its key search terms for it to reach its targeted audience. If the website wasn’t built in a search engine friendly way then this task is more tricky but in general a SEO project takes 3 months and attempts to increase your search engine rankings for 5-10 search terms and subsequently increases your website visitor numbers. We often tell our clients that a website is like having a shop, once you open your shop you may need to move it to a better location like a popular shopping center if you want more clients. A SEO project pushes your website towards the better shopping centers so more people get the chance to find your website. Read more about our SEO projects.

seo projects

Ecommerce Website

An advanced type of website that allows you to directly sell your products or services to website visitors. A full ecommerce website allows the website owner to take total control of the administration of everthig including the stock, pricing, shipping and categories of stock items.
Being in control of an ecommerce website allows you to potentially sell your goods and services to anyone in the world. More about Ecommerce Websites.


Website News Feeds

A Blog or an online diary allows you to instantly update your website with your news, stories or thoughts. They are a really popular addition to any website, some of our brochure websites come as standard with a blog and we nearly always recommend having a blog to improve your website’s ranking as part of any SEO project we perform. The blogs we install are WordPress blogs and we give you the option of a standard template or to customise the blog to look exactly like your website. See more about website blogs.


Updates and changes

A website that is just left to fend for itself with move sideways or downwards in terms of ranking and visitor numbers. There are standard maintenance tasks to perform on every website like updating the website’s blog version, database or server-side code to ensure it works with the new server software or ensuring the website code still looks and works well in all the website browsers. There are also optional maintenance tasks or projects to be performed on a website like the addition of a blog or a forum, adding testimonials, updating contact details or adding new pages for new goods or services.

website maintenance updates