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James Brabyn, Project Manager

James Brabyn

Founded Delicious Webdesign after spending 16 years working in IT for various companies including Morgan Stanley, CapGemini, CGI and Cox Insurance before deciding to step out on his own. Has an eye for websites that tick all the right boxes in terms of appearance, usability and SEO, Uses the term ‘holistic website design’ a lot to describe what Delicious Webdesign tries to achieve and what an ideal website should be. Here is more info about James’ career before Delicious Webdesign.

Project Manager

Loving the new opportunities we have been given since Thurrock’s London Gateway project has been approved. The company has some very skilled designers and developers working hard on our client’s behalf to make their businesses a success online”


Omer joined Delicious Webdesign in 2020 as a university graduate in Computer software engineering. He is a highly motivated individual who approaches every project with extensive experience and expertise ensuring customer satisfaction every time. He is a specialist at building Wordpress / Woocommerce websites from scratch including designing, development, plugin and theme selection. Precisely knowing all the ins & outs of Wordpress and Woocommerce (Ecommerc) website development. There isnt a website problem that Omer cant fix.

Web Designer

“I am a specialist in designing and developing WordPress websites. I have had years of extensive experience with web designing and have in depth knowledge with on-page & off-page SEO to optimise websites, web security & web analytics.”


Abbie has been with Delicious Webdesign since 2022 and is already a valued member of our team. Her role at Delicious Webdesign consists of a combination of account management, Website design, Website Testing, Website Support & SEO, as well as Social Media Marketing and accounts. A valued website design professional who specialises in on-page SEO that optimises clients websites and content. 

SEO, Admin

“It is great to be part of the Delicious team as it has provided me with many learning opportunities and I am always improving my skill-set. Since I have been at Delicious Webdesign I have specialised in SEO, Google analytics and website updates.”


Dan is our technical software engineer, with 5+ years of experience. He specialises in computer coding systems, designing, developing and maintaining computer software. He monitors and maintains our server. 

Technical Software Engineer

“It is great to belong to a team with a dynamic skill set, creating excellent websites for our clients.”

Steven Hague, Senior Website Designer and Developer


Joined Delicious Webdesign in March 2009 after leaving university. Experienced with Internet Technology and Media design software, web design is shaping up to be an ideal setting to get the most from his varied skillset. Steven is a great developer who specialises in WordPress CMS websites.

Web Designer

“Each project brings a new opportunity for me to expand on current knowledge, skills and services.

It gives great satisfaction to know a client is happy with a tailor made site that has been built from the ground up to suit their needs”

Aaron Healey, Website Designer Developer


Love the opportunities we are given working for Delicious Webdesign, the variety of the projects and clients’ requests really make our working week interesting. Looking forward to the next ‘technical challenge’ that gets thrown at us. Happy to say we can now handle any website problem and resolve any difficulty quickly and efficiently.

Web Developer

“With Delicious Webdesign I have grown to become a Wordpress Specialist Designer / Developer, I am able to specialise in responsive / database driven websites as well as being able to update / fix / repair any website from static HTML sites to CMS / Ecommerce websites.

Claire Reynolds, Webcopy SEO


Claire loves creating text for websites, making sure the search engines find and index the sites she writes for. A big part of Claire’s role is SEO and ensuring that our websites are attractive to the search engines.

SEO, Copywriter

“I find it very interesting and professionally challenging to take on a new web copy and SEO project, it gives me the opportunity to learn about different businesses and learn what it takes to make their websites rank highly”

Robert Groves, Website Designer


Rob is a seasoned IT professional that specialises in WordPress Responsive Website design, he is also expert at Photoshop and Excel. He is a qualified trainer who is expert at delivering training / presentations at all levels of community and business.

Web Designer

“Great to be part of a team that looks after local company’s websites, creating websites for new companies, improving and updating existing websites provides us with a great deal of work and very happy to be working at Delicious Webdesign where I can utilise my technical and personnel skills”

Stephen, Web Designer


Having previously worked for another SEO / Website design company that didn’t offer Stephen enough opportunities for his website design skills, Stephen started to work for Delicious Webdesign in 2011 and has quickly gone on to become a valuable asset to Delicious Webdesign by creating some great websites for clients. He has proved to be a very fast learner and is already a knowledgeable and established website designer / developer within our team.

Web Designer

“Very happy indeed to have been chosen to work for a dynamic and creative website design company. Knowing that a client is well looked after from the start of the project enables me to concentrate on producing the best websites for them. I keep up to date with web developments to ensure that the sites I build exceed current standards”

Deeana SEO Copywriter


Deeana specialises in SEO, digital and social media marketing. She is a BA Hons Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies graduate, who has since furthered her career in online media. With a passion for marketing and a keen eye for optimisation, Deeana dedicates all her skills, time and knowledge into launching websites to the top of search results.

SEO, Copywriter

“James introduced me to SEO, copywriting and digital marketing when I graduated from university. He helped me set the foundations of my career with his deep understanding and skill-set in web development. I thoroughly enjoy working with James on new marketing strategies and watching the website performance improve”

Delicious Webdesign in Essex

Our team of online experts from copywriters, SEO experts and marketers, through to programmers and project managers, our team is an eclectic mix of industry professionals with expert knowledge and complementary skills.

Delicious Webdesign, based in Thurrock in Essex, are an established professional team, we offer a variety of Internet services from standard ‘vanilla’ brochure designs to database and ecommerce web design solutions. Select Website Services and Website Packages at the on the of the top of the page for more information about our design services that covers all the UK including Essex, Kent and London.

Delicious Webdesign offer cheap designs as well as bespoke ⁄ custom designed sites Delicious Webdesign’s Web Design and Website Search Optimisation services are built to meet our client’s requirements from the ground up. We recognise it is vital to offer a website design service that truly understands the client, that’s why we take time getting to know you and listening to your requests and long term goals. Always following web design best practices, we strive to ensure that your site will stand the test of time and you will be delivered a website that you can be proud of and that will earn you and your company revenue. We have website and optimisation consultants who can advise you and your business on all of the major Website Design services:

Website Testing & Proof Reading

In addition to website building services, why not combine a great looking affordable website design with web search engine optimisation. Our web optimisation services come as standard on our web packages but you can choose to enhance your level of optimisation for a very reasonable cost. Delicious Webdesign are website designers based in Essex and London and across to the South East of the UK offering web optimisation services to Basildon, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Southend, Colchester and London. When choosing the right designers to create your company website, make sure it is designed with web search engine optimisation in mind as it is pointless having a good looking site if nobody can find it on the Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines.

We also offer Web Optimisation in London, Essex and Kent and all over the South East. For more information about our web optimisation services, please click here to learn more.

Logo Design

In addition to being specialist Essex website designers, Delicious Webdesign offer logo and banner design services in the UK. Our design services are enhanced by having a professional photographer within the company to ensure that every image is created and then designed to fit your corporate image. Click the links above for more information about all our logo and photography services available.

Web Photography

Delicious Webdesign specialise in photography and logo creation With an onsite photographer and Photoshop experts we have the capabilities to produce delicious photos and images for your website

For more information about any of our Search Engine, Logo ⁄ Graphic and Web-Site Design services, please complete our simple online form below and we will email or call you back regarding your enquiry.

Why should I trust the team at Delicious Webdesign with my website?

A full array of web development technology skills, covered by a variety of developers, programmers, project managers, SEO consultants and testers, we have the team that can take your internet project to completion with the minimum of fuss and with complete professionalism, we have a worked in IT performing development work for a variety of companies including, Cap Gemini, NHS, Morgan Stanley, CGI, Cox Insurance and Deutsche Telekom.

Our web design Essex team can create a professional website or even just a page on the Internet for you, displaying your business services, products or the information you want to convey for the whole world to see.

When you are looking for someone to represent you on the internet to get the best results for any work you need completed, which may include a new logo, website development, artwork creation, photography and search engine optimisation (SEO) you would generally need to contract a specialist for each area. This can delay or stagger your development time as well as costing much more than the packages that we offer. The packages that we offer have been put together to include all of the services mentioned above that are vital for you and its ability to create or improve your web presence.

As with all our projects that we are involved with, we make sure that you are listed in the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). This process of ensuring you are listed on the search engines is part of our Search Engine Optimisation – SEO process that we include in all of our packages (we offer 3 levels of SEO support).