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Website Evaluation / SEO Report!

One of the services we provide as part of our search engine optimisation packages (intermediate and advanced option) or as a stand-alone package is to compile a detailed report on your site. Your own search engine ⁄ Internet marketing report will cover all the major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo, importantly the report will be a metric of our work and clearly show you the progress we make ensuring that your site moves up the search engine rankings considerably. All your statistics will be measured against your competitors, your SEO report will detail the following information.

For a limited time we will produced for you a professional website evaluation ⁄ SEO report of your website and tell you how we can help to improve your website, send us your details if you want this free SEO ⁄ website evaluation report.

Report contents

  • Report overview
  • Search Terms in your web page title
  • Factors that could prevent your site from achieving a top ranking
  • Inbound links (Number and the text on hyperlink)
  • Density and Volume of Keywords in your content
  • How old your website is (relative to your competitors)
  • H1 Headline use relative to your search keywords
  • Search keyword use in your website name (domain name)
  • Search keyword in your page URLs
  • Links from (delicious, digg, Facebook) social networks
  • Your Hosting server speed (very interesting stat !)
  • Keyword use in other page headlines (H2-H5)
  • Picture ⁄ Image IMG ALT attributes (keywords used)
  • Strength of your TLD (Top level domain) website
  • Main Content ⁄ Body text and the use of Bold keywords
  • Unique Visitor Stats to the site (and your competitors )
  • Internal linking keyword tags
  • Keyword use in your sites Internal links
  • Your sites outbound link URLs and the text use on them
  • Meta descriptions and the relation to your Content
  • Trailing slashes in your URL
  • W3C Validation of your website ( XHTML ⁄ HTML and CSS)
  • Flesh Reading test grading of web page
  • Flesh-Kincaid grade level of your web page
  • Keyword use in meta keywords
  • Keyword use in the first sentence of the body text
  • Keyword use in HTML comments
  • Search engine compatibility
  • Link popularity (Yahoo, MSN, Alltheweb, Google) of website
  • Table: Number of keywords
  • Table: Keyword density
  • Table: Keyword position
  • Table: Number of words
  • Table: Number of characters
  • Table: Ranking factors digest
  • Search Engine Keyword Analysis for your sector ⁄ target

We can target this report to multiple search engines and use up to five of the following main search engines that are commonly used in the uk today.

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Delivering Delicious Websites Affordably

Search Engine Reports

This report will be compiled by an SEO expert and given to you before and after our SEO work completes to show you what has been achieved and the new rankings for your important keywords will be recorded, one of the many important is the links that the many search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alltheweb and others) have referencing your website and as part of the SEO package we will add between 100 – 200 links to your site from search engines and directories.

The amount of links we create for you as part of your SEO package depend on what one you choose, its important to state that we don’t believe in linking for the sake of it and we will not participate in link-farms and your links are created as a by-product of our Google Webmaster compliant practices.

Generally the more SEO work we put into your site the more links you will end up with, these can provide a good advertising basis for your business along with any SEO benefits it may bring. We aim to give you links on quality directories and directories that have a significance to your business, for example if you were an Essex electrician we would be aiming to get you on local Essex directories and electrical business directories, we are also keen to place your website link on pages with high Page Rank. We believe in quality not quantity.