Search Marketing

Making you Digitally Attractive!

You may have realised that almost every aspect of the website promotion project – digital landscape works together to boost rankings in the search engines. This is what we mean when we say that we don’t do SEO – we actually don’t.

What we do is to execute a holistic strategy that covers all aspects of your online presence, including your presence in search engines, rather than just using out-dated or black-hat techniques that may temporarily boost your rankings but will hurt your site in the long run.


The technical side of SEO, including the site structure, Meta data and user experience is all taken care of straight away. So from the very start your site is given the best possible chance to rank effectively. Initial site content and listing pages are built on by our blogging strategy that develops fresh, keyword-rich content, that Google loves and is happy to rank. As a result, more and more of your pages begin appearing in the search engines for targeted terms, and more and more people visit your website as a result.

Off page

When it comes to ‘link building’ we don’t go out and pay for thousands of bad links that may end up penalising your site. Our influencer outreach strategy already has it covered, allowing us to build high quality links from reputable, authoritative sites. Google prefers quality links over a quantity of links and doing SEO this way ensures that whatever algorithm updates occur in the future, your website will always be safe.


As part of our digital landscape strategy, we will also audit and improve your business and local listing, to ensure that you are completely covered when it comes to the search engines. This involves carrying out an audit on your current listings and creating and improving online citations for your business. Once complete, your headquarters, and any other locations you wish, will always appear correctly on Google.