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Transform Your Digital Presence

Digital Audit & Discovery

The first thing we do when we take on any new client is to fully understand the company in its entirety. This means finding out everything we can about your company, your services or products, your marketing efforts to date and your plans for the future.

In summary, we would look to gain insight into your:

  • Ethos and positioning
  • History and heritage
  • Staff and facilities
  • Services and products
  • Current marketing collateral
  • Marketing strategy, past and present
  • Current website analytics and email databases
  • Partnerships and affiliates
  • Awards, recognition and accreditations
  • Previous digital marketing work

This isn’t a case of us being nosey or intrusive, it is critical to us being able to properly position your brand online. Once we have obtained and understood all of this, we can start to look at exactly who your competitors are, where to position your brand within the online marketplace, who your potential customers are and the best ways to reach them. Then we can begin to develop a strategy that is properly tailored to your business, your brand and your services.

Social Media

Upping your social media presence can be key to unlocking and engaging a huge new audience who can, in turn, be driven to your website. Not only do social media channels offer the opportunity to promote your company and products to new and existing customers, as well as provide an additional level of customer service, but it also opens the door to word of mouth marketing and promotion through trusted online influencers such as bloggers.

Creating a Strategy

The first thing we do with any new client is to sit down and understand you and your industry. What makes you stand out as a brand? What do you have that no one else offers? What are you looking for from social media management? What are your goals, both for social and in general? All of this information will help us to tailor a bespoke social media campaign to your needs that will help you achieve your goals.

Building the Strategy

Once we have fully understood your business and your goals, we can start to look at developing an overall strategy for the campaign. This is broken down into several stages:

  1. What we will say
  2. Where we say it
  3. How often we will say it
  4. Customer engagement
  5. Influencer engagement
  6. Proactive/reactive

1. What We Will Say

We tailor the content we produce to each company we work with – there’s no one size fits all policy in social media. Your customers are unique to your business and it is important to develop content that is unique to them. In general, however, we will look to enlighten, entertain and educate. Enlighten, by giving your customers the chance to get to know your company/brand online. Entertain, by posting funny, uplifting, feel good stories and posts. Educate, by keeping customers up to date with the latest industry news and your latest deals and activity.

2. Where We Say It

Before we even think about what we are going to say, we need to know where we are going to say it. Researching which social networks your customers use will not only help us reach a larger audience but help us to tailor content to that particular social network – providing a unique experience for your customers whenever they interact with one of your bespoke social pages.

3. How Often We Will Say It

Maybe it’s daily, maybe it’s once a week. Different social channels require different posting frequencies. For instance, we could post to Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis, but perhaps only weekly or fortnightly on a news section or blog. By discussing the type of content we will produce and researching your competitors, we’ll develop an optimum posting timescale to promote your brand in the most effective way possible.

4. Customer Engagement

We practice and preach a principle of proactive and reactive customer engagement. Getting out there and asking customers to interact with your brand is one of the best ways to spread your message and understand your customers’ perceptions of you. But it is also important to react to customers’ comments – both positive and negative. We face any criticism head on, understanding their complaints and responding in an appropriate manner – always consulting the client if necessary.

5. Influencer Engagement

Engaging with your customers is one thing, engaging with your industry’s influencers is another. By identifying and engaging the top influencers in your industry, we have the opportunity to gain exposure to a much larger audience that can help to exponentially grow your following and your customer base as a result.

Account Creation & Branding

It is no good having social media accounts if users don’t want to interact with them because they look ugly or out of date. That is why, as part of our social media management campaigns, we may suggest creating new accounts or rebranding current social media accounts. At Delicious Webdesign, our in-house designers can handle all of this, creating beautiful bespoke banners and icons for any social media platform.