Professional Promotional Videos for your Website!

We think our video services may benefit most businesses. We make all types of corporate, explainer and even startup videos. Video is quickly becoming one of the best ways to get your company message across and can be used on your website, social media and promotional material. So if you have a product or service you think could benefit from video representation, then give us a try!

We have a great bunch here at Delicious Webdesign that will be there at every step of the way with your video. Want to know a rough idea of costs? Just email us with a brief outline and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

Having a video on your website is a cost-effective and increasingly popular way to allow business owners to create an ‘easy to digest overview of their business. It improves ‘conversion rate’, turning more website visitors into enquires and sales as well as allowing the business to demonstrate and showcase their work/services on a medium that can be embedded in their websites, shared on social media and shown to clients to give them a good feeling about what the company can do for them.

Professionally Filmed Video / Sample Proposal

We can also create bespoke video production on your site, once we have a meeting/discussion about your video requirements we will then ask you to select a guide video and once we look at that we will draft a proposal/quote for you, we have created a sample one below:

To Film / Produce videos of approx 2 to 3 minutes

Each video consists of:

  1. A two-man crew – with full professional filming and editing equipment and software including HD Cameras & lighting equipment.
  2. After the pre-arranged video days, we will spend approx 2-3 days editing/producing the video (post-production). We will then be able to provide one draft edit at this point you can suggest tweaks/changes before the final edit which will be provided shortly afterwards.
  3. Music – Difficult to select/choose before shooting starts, but we can send you some options of what’s likely to be used. Fully Commercial License copyright will be purchased/gained before the video is put live. Will need 3 Commercial licenses for the video.
  4. Integration of your websites/logo/branding into the video.
  5. Upload to a video sharing site (Vimeo or YouTube channel) – If you create an account on one of the video sharing websites we will upload to it otherwise we can upload to our youtube channel recommend YouTube over Vimeo as its always in HD (subject to connection speed) and easy to share.
  6. The final video file will be sent to you to play on screens or be uploaded elsewhere as you need to (Facebook / Twitter)
  7. All videos can be supplied on a disk if required
  8. Video segments that can be shared on social media.

Sample Timings

Half-day shoot Arrival 1300 Setup 1330 Filming 1400-1900

Additional Costs

Music licensing (costs are subject to tracks required)

Voiceover Artist – This is not always needed and we will say if we don’t think it’s appropriate for the type/style of video we are producing for your business.

The ‘static’ promotional videos we do for our sites, featured above, are normally priced less than the bespoke ‘filmed’ videos which will always require at least a half-day filming with two people / HD camera and sound equipment/post-production/editing / providing the media and uploading the video to a video sharing website as well as embedding it into your website.
If you already have a video then obviously we can use that on your website once it’s uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube.