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Onsite Options

Choose from the following list of extras that we can incorporate into your new website to give it that extra sparkle.

Website Social Media networking shortcuts

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Email Footer signatures

We will create a email signature that is tailored to your website and could even include a small logo ⁄ graphic.

Additional Galleries

Will allow up to 20 images in an additional gallery to your website, images will be resized and optimised specifically for your gallery.

Business Stationary

Customised Invoice templates that include your company logo.

Contact Forms

A website form containing customised fields that allow your website visitor to send you requests for orders / enquiries / newsletters etc. It will include a captcha anti-spam entry to stop you receiving spam email.

Extra Disk Space

Extra diskspace 1GB annually

Also available extra diskspace 5GB annually £80

Enlarged Email Accounts

Standard email accounts are 350mb
Enhanced email accounts are 1GB

Video on your Website

The cost is not for making the video but actually adding it to your site, you have different options here, you could get a professional actor to read a script that you prepare or you could get a video of your business premises or you at work. You don’t have to appear on screen if you don’t want to. and there could be onscreen captions to say whatever you want about your great service. Alternatively, you could talk over the shots, or you could even arrange a professional voice over. Even if you don’t think you’ve got anything filmable you might be surprised. Video is becoming more popular on websites and you should consider this if you think your website would benefit from getting more visitors and converting more of those visitors into customers. Here you can find further details about video on your site.

Facebook ‘like box’

We can add a facebook like box to your website to show that your company is ‘liked ‘ and appreciated. Obviously the one on your website will be to your own facebook page.



Social Media Feeds

All recent server problem (which were due to poorly performing drives - SSDs ) are now resolved, so we have 4 new Enterprise Level SSDs to help power our Server / Websites.

Additionally we have invested in a secondary server to move your website to if ever there is a server / hardware problem again that cant be rapidly addressed.

Server problems are rare and in 12 years of our operations this was probably only the 2nd major problem that we faced and we are now much better placed with technology, skills and support to tackle any problem we many encounter in the future.

Additionally as of today the last of our websites are now moved away from the old outdated programming language which is PHP version 5 onto PHP version 7.4 (the latest / fastest / most secure).

What is PHP and how does it affect my site?
PHP is the programming language we use to build and maintain your websites.

Newer versions of PHP are both faster and more secure, so as we are running the latest version on our client's websites this will have a positive effect on your site’s performance with us.
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