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Giving your property coming a profitable presence on the internet

Property for rental or sale websites

Most requirements for an estate agency or house & flat or apartment rental website can be catered for with one of the following options, we can offer three standard solutions for your requirements.

Depending on how many properties you have and how often you will need to change the properties and your initial website budget will determine your choice from the three selections below

The solutions are designed to meet the standard requirements for the estate agency business and be cost effective long-term for your new business as well as being flexible enough to take on as many or as few properties as you wish, in options 2 and three you will have administration access so you can add, remove and change properties and functions.

With option 1 you can change the existing properties but we would add / remove properties as you bought and sold.

If you have an existing domain we can transfer it and host it on an appropriate server that has a database backend for your site that will be able to enable features all the points below and more. If you haven’t a domain yet the a new domain and one year’s website hosting is included in the costings below.

Option 1 £899

A static website (no database backend) where you have a list of properties and you can update them yourself (via a content management system) or we can agree to update these for you on a monthly basis for a support charge that can be paid monthly or as you go, only payable when you want to update the property details, an example charge may be £20-£30 to add a new property with new details / images on a new web page.

Option 1 can be updated to option 2 or 3 at a later date.

Option 2 £1400

You can manage properties for selling or renting in back or front-office. You can add multiple images and multiple features or contact form for each properties. Also, there is powerful search capabilities based on component features.

  • Renting / Selling management in front or back-office
  • Properties classified into different Cities / Areas
  • Property type (house / bungalow etc)
  • Thumbnails generation
  • No limit pictures per Ads
  • Search Screen
  • Contact form to each Property

Option 2 can be updated to option 3 at a later date

Option 3 £1800

This option allows individual estate agents companies, or companies that specialise in the management of residential or commercial properties to create their own property listings and it gives them the administration / management of those online properties which can be offered for sale or for rent. The system will allow photos to be uploaded to the property and will allow full customizing of your properties data.

Search with an advanced Google Map interface. Giving the website visitor a local map view of all the properties available in that area as well as allowing users to save favourite properties for comparison.

You will be able to alter site colours, amend gallery types and also get the facility to backup and restore of the master database. This option has a yearly admin fee of £399 that includes all updates and bug fixes

Front End (website view)

Search Local Property via a Map Interface view
Google Maps for each listing
Property listings produced in PDF format
Property Flyers printed or emailed to client.
Property View by company or agent
Favourite property function
Gallery View Options
Calculator for working out the Mortgage

Administration Side

Multi-agency support
Upload Photos to multiple properties at once
All property images managed centrally
Website look customisable
Ability to add individual property features
Google Map location (drag listing on map)

Some example Estate Agency Websites include:

Essex Properties
Essex Estates

If we can make your choice easier, then please ring the company phone 07743 853976 to talk about your estate agency – property rental website options