PPC Advertising

Attract Website Visitors Immediately!

People increasingly automatically search for what they’re looking for on Google, Bing or Yahoo – making prominent positioning within search engine results absolutely vital. Search marketing and ongoing website conversion optimisation certainly have an important role to play in this area, particularly with their ability to improve PPC results and decrease costs, but pay per click advertising is the only way to guarantee and control how and where you appear.

Brand Terms

The first step in our PPC strategy will be to ensure brand coverage. So that when people search for your brand or products, they see you first. Failing to cover this means you’re losing traffic, sales and recognition, all of which are important for any business looking to grow. Similarly, it’s also possible to target competitor brands and products, so people see you when they search for similar keywords, enabling you to piggy-back and benefit from their awareness, sales and advertising spend – and this is also something we will look at.

Product & Purchase Terms

Having ensured brand coverage, we can then look at targeting terms with purchase intent. PPC allows you to position your products, store and brand in front of people who are actively searching for the products you provide, as well as those searching for complimentary products. By completing in-depth keyword and competitor research, we will be able to make sure that you appear for high traffic terms.

Landing Pages

As part of the site build, we will create and optimise landing pages for your specific PPC search terms, to assist with the ongoing improvement of site engagement and conversion rates. This will help to reduce click costs and increase revenue.

All Search Networks

Although Google is the most prominent brand, the rise of the Yahoo Bing Network, particularly amongst the multinationals that decide who your default search engine will be, shouldn’t be ignored. We don’t just limit advertising spend to Google, choosing instead to spread it across all of the search engines to ensure coverage. So whilst the majority of the budget will still be used on Google (and rightly so because it is the largest search engine by far) you will still be represented on Yahoo and Bing.