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Initial Design Draft Ideas

Dont know what you want your website to look like? then leave it to the professinals, we have a great idea what ‘works’ online and what is appropriate for your business, see an example message below that we could be sending to you once we create your draft design for your website.

Fantastic News, your draft website designs are now completed. Please find attached some initial design ideas that we have created for you. We’ve had a good look around at what competitors and other companies within the industry are doing design-wise, and believe there is an opportunity for your website / brand to really stand out from them.

As you can see from the two examples, we’ve really tried to freshen up the whole look – using more up to date and friendly fonts, and also using a slightly bolder colour palette. Most other companies seem to use rather drab colours and fonts that make them look out of date. Among other marketing ideas, this is where we think Mr Window can really differ.

We’ve also made some small adjustments to the logo which we hope you’ll like. The logo is very recognisable, so haven’t changed that an awful lot – just tidied it up a little. The wording has been given a more up to date look, again using a friendlier more modern font.

I understand this might be quite a drastic change in the look of the company, but we wanted to show you the direction we think the brand could be heading in