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Design Concepts

We can create you draft design concepts prior to building your website, here is some example website reveals that we could be sending to you once you get Delicious Webdesign to design and build your new website.

Great news, we’ve finished the concept for you. It is available for you to view using the link below. You can click on the thumbnail to make it full screen, and when its full screen there’s a tab on the right for you to leave feedback. If you’d rather speak to us than type your feedback then please call us to discuss any changes you’d like making. If you’re 100% happy with one of them then please click the approve button to let us know.

Initial drafts are just static images of the home page (hence the quality and sharpness is much lower than the final website will be), not actual web pages, this means the links and animation will not work as yet, it is just to give you an idea of the layout, colours etc.
Animation, links and moving graphics will be added once the concept has been approved. Please note I have used example images and text to illustrate where your real information would go. These concepts are to give you a ‘feel’ of the what the website will look like as they do not display actual real content. We have an overview for you for the redesign of your website that you can see from the link below.

Website Redesign
New concept design based on your draft idea
New design to be completed as layered PSD
Uploaded to html file so you can view it in browser
Once the design is complete we will included 1 round of revisions. We will send the concept over and you may provide feedback via email, we will then make adjustments to the concept as requested. If you require a further round of revisions, amendments or a new concept design this is priced additionally.
The final design will be provided as a jpg and a layered PSD. Please note this is for desktop view only
Let me know if you are happy and we can send out an invoice to get started. We will have this completed within two weeks at the latest from date of payment received.