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Let us manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media platforms to boost your online presence. Take a look at this example conversation regarding social media promotion that we could be having with you if you put your social media promotion in our hands.

Just a quick thanks for reaching out to us regarding your social media channels. Just to confirm we will take a closer look and come back with a proposal no later than Thursday morning and should you choose to work with us we can get things underway this weekend.

We would need you to gather as much marketing material you have, copies of flyers, food images, editorials, pics of your banner in Harlow, images of flyers being handed out etc.

I have had a quick look at your website and would suggest getting the following resolved as quick as possible as you don’t want to put people off when they visit.

Blank web pages, I would suggest getting these populated as quick as possible or hide then
Get some news up on your news page
Create a page dedicated to each main service
Get your home banner changed to reflect the main services

A very nice Facebook ad has been done, this has also been paid for, but for some reason the ad has not gone live and as each days passes we are losing money on this and at present we are truly stumped as to why this ad has not gone live yet. Will call you to see if there is some basic error that has been made on our part and to see if we can get the ad out there, he has our authorisation to speak on behalf of us, we hope this is ok and you are able to assist.

I sincerely hope we are all able to see the benefits of using a company such as yours as this would lead to a long a fruitful working relationship to move forward with. I believe that this assistance is just what we need to establish a competitive edge over all our competition.

Many thanks for your time on this matter and I look forward to speaking with you soon. You may want to list your event on all the local events directories. Just a reminder that your social media promotion finishes on Monday, I hope you have been happy with our service and found it beneficial.

You may have noticed we have grown your social media accounts quite considerably with 5 days still to go. Twitter reaching over 4000 followers and Facebook over 1000 Likes.

We hope the weekend is a success for you after all your hard work making the event happen and would welcome any opportunities to continue working with you in the future on your social media, e marketing or future websites.

We hope to come along ourselves to see you again soon to see how we have improved your online presence.

We really do look forward to seeing you on Friday. Moving forward we would like to retain your services for the next market at the very least, (till we know the future of the market anyway) There will be a 10 day lull while I gather the traders, review the results from the first market and put into place the necessary adjustments to ensure a better market second time around, So I think again another fortnight to 18 days’ worth of PR. Naturally, by the time you guys get started, the web site would have undergone a minor transformation with respect to links and pics and vids and reviews from the street food market, we will also have files of vids and pics for you to use from the first market to include vids and photos rom other vendors as well as our own.

This would also be a good time to include Instagram, so we will leave it to you guys to draw up the quote. As an overview, at this stage, I simply could not be happier with what you have done for us, especially in respect to the Facebook likes and the twitter followers, this has also resulted in 2 serious enquiries for additional booking on a corporate level and this is exactly where we wanted to take the company within the next 6 months so this is an amazing start.

As you are aware, we are a start-up company and therefore our budget is very tight, but as each month passes, we really hope this will become less of a strain for us, but for as long as your quotes are affordable to us, we will be only too happy to continue using your wonderful services.

Many thanks for all you have done for us, each and every thing you have done is much appreciated by us all.

Fantastic news it’s a pleasure to work with you.

Now that we have started the momentum on social media it would be a shame to stop for 10 days before ramping it up again, our suggestion would be to limit posts etc but change to saying ‘watch out for our next event coming soon’ and post images, feedback etc from 1st event until all the details have been finalised. Once we get closer we ramp things up again and get the message out there.

If you can confirm dates of your next event I can work out a quote for you.