We welcome new website owners every week to our company, we have found that we can offer much more to every website we have ever taken over, here is an example conversation showing the thoughts and worries when moving to a new website designer / webhost, needless to say we can handle the move smoothly for you and can make short work out of a potentially challenging technical move.
Meeting Overview / New website update
Really confident we have found the perfect website designers to handle our website / digital assets going forward, as I mentioned previously we had the meeting yesterday with Delicious Webdesign to start setting up the new website design framework, creating the text content, designs of the new website. They handled the meeting well with one of their team who is a seasoned IT professional and IT Business specialist with astounding knowledge and ability. The shell of the new website will be ready by them to view within a few weeks. It will focus in a very clean, clear and simple way on our main service areas of offering by ourselves
The main objective is to produce a website that becomes extremely search friendly by Google. Its a simple as that, and it means that our potential new customers will find us more easily and make an inquiry. They think the previous / existing website is an off the shelf formatted website that could be missing traffic, I guess they would say that. As you know I am technology shy when it comes to website design, so we are allowing our trust to lead us in the case of them. We are also backing their high level of marketing and technical experience.
The website will have a limited quantity of good quality pictures and images in each case and will look professional. The thing I like about Delicious Webdesign is they make it very interactive with the client, as I understand I will have to attend several content training sessions that will give me (and you guys too if you want) the knowledge to manage the content of the new web site.
I’ve told the new website designers that the old / existing website design company may become challenging to deal with handing over the management of the domain / email / website. They agree that we should keep our other websites management with the existing website design company with links to the new site. He also thinks we should leave the present email management with them. He thinks the hyphenated email address style is fine as they have clients with hyphens in their email in order to retain the domain name email format.
They suggest we tell the previous website designers to wind down the other website and let the new site to dominate
Because the existing website design company is run by the team that you have previously commissioned to build your websites, i wanted to state the following reasons we want to set up a new main website with Delicious Webdesign

  1. They simply look and sound a more professional website design company to our existing supplier, everything about them is professional, going above and beyond my expectations.
  2. Their costs seem much more affordable, especially when you factor in the that their improved website / SEO will almost certainly improve our visitor numbers / inquiries / sales.
  3. They offer other marketing services that we may want to use in the future including social media and PPC advertising
  4. They have direct experience and other clients within the our industry
  5. Lots of our competitors are very successfully using them and are ranked higher than us in Google
  6. Their experience of previous website design builds seems fantastic
  7. The results from Google that their existing clients are enjoying seems amazing.

The challenge with our existing website design company is going to be the fact that they are the registered operator of our domain name which they want to be handed control of to get the new website done. They say that most website designers hand over the website / domain and email to them without issue,
Technically they said that website developers cannot stop the business from moving the domain name to another developer as its legally our property through the website designer but we don’t want to get into that. They say most website designers are helpful towards the business who want to change direction for business purposes.
Believe that we still want our existing website design company to handle the other web sites (but to wind down one website). And we want them to still handle the email facilities. So he should not feel as if he has had the rug pulled completely. This is not a personal vendetta against them because they have done a good job, but this is purely a commercial business decision to allow us to re design the website using localised Website Design / SEO and IT resources experienced within our industry and their support that will allow us to grow the business and increase inquiries.
I fully  concur  with every aspect of this. I think you have provided us with some good rationale for the move to put to the previous website designers and it should make perfect sense to them. I am excited to see the new website as I feel it will hit the style over substance mark and elevate our company image to where it should sit in the market place.
Delicious Webdesign will provide us with this Workshop
Workshop – SEO and Digital Content Marketing

The workshop will be made up of a small mixed group of various levels from ‘complete novice’ to ‘experienced web administrator’. Held at our offices, the sessions are designed to be interactive and are broken down into four key stages:

  • What does SEO & Digital Content Marketing mean
  • Designing your content for your target audience(s)
  • On-page and Off-page optimisation (SEO)
  • Your ‘Action Plan’ checklist

The sessions are about ‘learning by doing’ so delegates are asked to bring along their laptops (Free WiFi provided). If you don’t have a laptop, one will be provided. There will be help on hand to provide ‘one-to-one’ support, the aim is to provide you with both the knowledge and confidence to take the actions outlined.

In preparation for the workshop please:-

  • Create a list of 5 search terms You want to get found online in Google for
  • Confirm you can bring laptops or request to borrow one
  • Ensure that you have a Google account set up to enable us to show you how to use the Google Adwords free tools for SEO
  • Ensure that you know your username and password (This will be sorted for you a little closer to the workshop date as well as a telephone call to confirm you are still able to attend)
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