Some of our website testers are not formally IT trained and often give informal reviews for our websites, which helps us get an opinion of a typical user. Here are some of the latest reviews they gave us of 3 websites of a company that transferred to us, this was done before we started on a redesign project on all three of the websites belonging to the company:
Website 1
Website is completely covered by the Main menu so all information is hidden behind it, needs rectifying so I can actually see the website and any changes that may need making.
Not Responsive (tested on Mobile and Tablet)
The Instagram page needs a few posts removing they look cheap and nasty with the writing over them, in the information section the opening days and times should be added.
Highlights from live feeds should be added to show what offers are available and what drink deals are on.
Weekly updates on page and live feed to keep account active.
Facebook Regular updates and also regular updates required on Instagram
Website 2
Old fashioned looking website, very dated
Not Responsive (tested on Mobile and Tablet)
Front page repeats the opening times too many times
No directional information is given
Clear notice of opening times and hours needs updating
Move all infomation to one side and then the links to other sections need to be clearer
Its so messy and time wasting, people need quick information, not to have to search for it.
Instagram page clearly shows the opening times
More social media live feeds, daily updates with more information, instead of random pictures, to showcase what they are actually offering.
Adding more followers from local areas and businesses.
Facebook Regular updates and links to Instagram
Website 3
Broken links left on website
Website seems initially looking and working well, could do with more attention to detail and updating
Instagram Feed required
More followers on social media
More reviews needed on Google and Facebook
More regular updates on live feed and page.
Facebook Regular Updates and links to Instagram
Brief Summary:- Websites are not up to date, or showing clear information, cannot access any information easily, the social media side of things needs attention there are no live feeds, no active interaction with the followers, a stagnant number of followers, no regular updates and general lack of information.

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