Website Tender Request

Everything you wanted to know about website project briefs!

Here is another example of a request for tender for a website design project that we were tasked to complete.

1.0 Introduction:

1.1 We need to update our website to reflect how our business is growing. We are looking for the services of a company that can redesign and build our website to reflect our company style and ethos. The website should be intuitive, clear and stylish. Our decision will be based 60% on content and 40% on fee. We reserve the right not to accept the cheapest quote.

1.2 The current website is:
[removed for privacy reasons]
The site is hosted by [removed for privacy reasons] and that service will continue

2.0 Company background:

2.1 [removed for privacy reasons] was established over forty years ago and provides tree surgery, landscaping, agricultural and fencing contract services. The client base includes the domestic market and the construction industry and the geographical area in the southeast.

2.2 [removed for privacy reasons] was established in June 2007 and provides arboricultural, ecological, planning and landscape architecture consultancy. Our consultants are ambitious, achieving qualifications and professional memberships. Our client base includes the construction industry (either directly or through architects/agents), large landowners, domestic market, NHS, training and local authorities. Our geographical area is usually the southeast and East Anglia. We have carried out some prestigious projects and we are proud of the quality and range of services we provide. This is not reflected on our website.

2.3 Our ethos. Both companies aim for high quality with attention to detail and provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for clients. [removed for privacy reasons] aims to be at the forefront of professional development. However, ultimately what really matters is what happens on the ground, as we want to make a difference to the landscape, translating theory and policies into practical solutions and guidance for clients. We are quick and responsive, and reasonably competitively priced (mid-market). However, we have been too busy to monitor our image.

3.0 Scope of services:

3.1 To briefly evaluate the current website, in terms of its image, content and function and to visit our office and meet the teams. It is currently an HTML website, and we think this is what we want to retain, but we are open to suggestions.
3.2 To design the website, with two sections that can link together where appropriate, using the colour schemes and logos.
3.3 To feedback to us your initial concept and take on board our suggestions, refining as required (allow for 3 meetings)
3.4 To produce the final design and build the site, working with our host provider.

4.0 Our market:

We are not exactly sure who looks at our website but is likely to be the following groups: Prospective and existing clients (the website’s purpose is more validation than initial sales) Prospective employees and their agent’s Prospective clients for large tender submissions Our competitors.

5.0 The function of the website:

Most of our clients are extremely short of time
At a glance, the site should say what we do and who we are The style should reflect the quality of our work Clear contact details Details of staff Project examples Range of services To reinforce the links between the two companies and the services within those companies News section and recruitment.

6.0 The style:

6.1 Clear, uncluttered, with strong images, using photography and a few plans.
6.2 The different disciplines should be able to link immediately to each other with one click.
6.3 Must reflect the personal service that we provide.


7.1 Section 11.0 contains a list of websites that we like. The majority of our visitors are likely to be professionals and we need to aim for the market, without excluding anyone who visits by the use of jargon. Contact details should be prominent. MUST HAVE TEXT WHICH PRODUCES LOTS OF HITS.

8.0 Dislikes:

8.1 Anything gimmicky, such as a fancy slow opening screen that has to load. No need for sound, video (at the moment), a counter, cartoon graphics, advertising, or external links. All content must be original (with the exception of purchased photos). The website must be accessible using the main browsing methods.

9.0 Information for the site:

9.1 We can provide lots of photographs and map images and technical text. Our portraits, CV’s and group pictures need changing. Include the fee of a photographer for this as a separate item. We need to incorporate various logos of accreditations and memberships. We will tell you some keywords for our business, but we need your guidance on words that produce hits. We need to be able to update our website, using non-IT staff. Therefore we need a content management system.

10.0 Your submission:

Total fee for all design purchased photographs and build costs, including meeting at our offices Photographer for the team as a separate item (this may not be used)
10.1 Your submission:

Examples of previous work An initial rough concept for our site (1 page of A4) Time scale (based on us being helpful and responsive)

Your submission must be in electronic format to:

As part of your submission, you should include two references and insurance details.
If you have any questions, please contact us