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Subject: Proposal for designing & developing a dynamic site.

The site is proposed to be a dynamic website for childcare provider firm in which several nurseries are managed. This site will provide easy and instant information ⁄ quotes to the parents as per modules. Various functionalities like Assessment and reports about their nursery, etc. would be seen by the parents on the site. The site will have the attractive Front end for the Visitors and the Back end for administration of the site.


The Users will be the parents of the children who seek the nursery admissions. The Following features will be provided for them.

1. Browse Nurseries:

Users will be able to browse the nurseries provided by the childcare provider firm (website). Along with they will be able browse their Photo Gallery and download the Price List and the online tour made in flash.

2. Instant Quotes:

User will be able to get the online quote instantly through the tool available on the site.

Alternatively User will also have a form to fill in his request for quote

3. Assessments & Reports:

Users will be able to view the assessments and reports online. This will be a static link to a website on which various reports, etc. are uploaded.

4. Online Payments of Outstanding Invoices:

For this, Student registrations and parent logins will be compulsory. Also the admin will have to feed the data regarding the fees of the student (nursery wise). Based on this, the invoices, etc. will be viewed.

5. Virtual Tours:

The Virtual tour for each nursery will be made in flash and the link to the respective virtual tour will be provided in each nursery page. Movies ⁄ Panoramic images shall be provided by client in regard to create the virtual tours.

6. Notice Board

There will be an online notice board on which the users will be able to the view the notices, etc. online

7. Calendar:

Online calendar for the schedule will be displayed online.

8. Events:

There will be online events section in which the users will be able to view the upcoming events and archived events of the childcare provider ⁄ nurseries

9. Link to a web cam system being provided by another supplier:

There will be a link on the site to view what’s going on in each nursery through a web cam situated in the classrooms. This will require high bandwidth with video streaming option. We will need to understand the online web cam system to analyze and provide the online video streaming on the site.

10. Community Forum to log comments

The users will be able to participate in community forums which will enable them to log comments on the forum topics and provide and discuss their views

11. Membership system for the forum

The online forums will be free as well as paid which will be bifurcated as per the membership schemes available e.g. Free, Premium. Free users will only be able to provide comment on the topic but not post a new topic on forum. However Premium users will be able to provide comments as well as start new topics, etc.

12. Staff Section:

There will be a separate login for staff members that will enable them to login and browse other staff profiles with their photos, qualifications, hobbies, etc.

13. Detailed sites section showing interactive maps with directions to the site, full address and contact details and also a virtual tour:

Sitemap will be provided on the site

14. Certifications and awards section

This section will list the certificate and awards issued to the students ⁄ staff and their archives.

15. SMS communications enabling SMS text messages to be sent to parents of invoicing

Third party SMS gateway will be provided by the client that will be integrated on the site for sending SMS to its customers and vendors, etc.

16. Testimonials

The testimonials posted by the users and approved by the admin will be visible to all the users on the testimonials page.

17. Career Section

Career section will be provided on the site through which users will be able to view the current and upcoming vacancies. The users will be able to apply for the desired vacancy.

18. Other Static Pages:

Other static pages like Food Menu, FAQ, etc. will also be made on the site. These pages will be informative and will be managed by the Content Management System via Back end.

Administration Features

The administrative section is the section of the website that is not visible to the general public and is used by the website owner to manage the website contents themselves. It is often used for the sections of the website that are continuously changing and require frequent modifications.

Nursery Management

Add ⁄ Modify ⁄ Delete ⁄ View ⁄ Search Nurseries
Add ⁄ Modify ⁄ Delete ⁄ View Nursery Images
Add ⁄ Modify ⁄ Delete ⁄ View Online tour for Nurseries.

Student Management (Subject to the query above if this is required)

Add ⁄ Modify ⁄ Delete ⁄ View ⁄ Search Students
Add ⁄ Modify ⁄ Delete ⁄ View ⁄ Search Assessments
Add ⁄ Modify ⁄ Delete ⁄ View ⁄ Search Reports

Instant Quote enquiries Management

Add ⁄ Modify ⁄ Delete ⁄ View Insta Quote enquiries made on the site

Testimonial Management

Add ⁄ Modify ⁄ Delete ⁄ View Testimonials

In this management admin can view the entire testimonials which are written by user’s friends and save in this management. Admin can delete these testimonials.

Notice Board Management

Add ⁄ Modify ⁄ Delete Notices

Calendar Management

Manage Calendar and schedules

Manage Events

Add ⁄ modify ⁄ delete events

Membership Management

Add ⁄ modify ⁄ delete Members

Forum Management

Add ⁄ modify ⁄ delete forum topics
Add ⁄ modify ⁄ delete comments

Certification and Awards

Add ⁄ modify ⁄ delete awards ⁄ certificates

Career Management

Add ⁄ modify ⁄ delete jobs

View received resumes

Suggestion ⁄ Complaint Management
View ⁄ modify ⁄ delete Suggestions ⁄ complaints and post replies accordingly.

CMS (Content Management System)

There will be a Content Management System through which the content of all the static pages on the site could be managed by the Site Administrator.


Animated Logo and slogan will be incorporated.

Site Content

Clients will provide us with all the content and details; the explanations about the flow of the project and the formulas if any on the site.


Coding in ASP ⁄ PHP ⁄ .Net
Database MS SQL ⁄ My SQL
40 Days