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SEO Review Report

Technical SEO
Below is a list of the technical SEO which we have completed on the website for the last quarter. Because of the nature of technical SEO and the way different sites are designed, different tasks in this area can often take different amounts of time to complete. As such, the amount of work we complete in this area may appear differ every month. Our technical SEO is carried out as part of a rolling process where we complete a given number of tasks per month – anything which is not completed will roll onto next month.

On site technical SEO Implementations

Links for Icons on Services pages
Reviewing site technical changes
Implementing site technical changes as discussed
Google map location issue resolve

Keyword Performance
The supplied graph shows how your keyword performance has changed over time. Each colour band shows a different set of rankings for a target keyword. In an ideal world each bar will be all green and blue; as the campaign progresses the combined size of these two bars should grow.

Keyword Performance
The table attached shows a list of the keywords we are currently targeting for your campaign. Each keyword has a given rank on Google which we are trying to elevate, getting it either into the top 10, top 3, or any other position we have agreed on, on Google’s SERPs.

As your keyword rankings are subject to change from external factors such as Google’s weather reports and any algorithmic changes which Google implements, you may see the occasional dip in rankings. When this happens we will ascertain the exact reason for the dip, and inform you of what has caused the change

The attached table shows your target landing pages and how well they are performing in organic search. Each URL here shows the number of visits the page has seen this month, along with key metrics such as the percentage of new visits and each page’s bounce rate. An analysis of these metrics may lead to suggested changes in the work we are completing under the Content and Technical SEO sections of our campaign.

Outreach to sites with high domain authority

Technical SEO
Creation of Get A Quote form
Get A Quote button centred
Set up Google Analytics Goals
Review Google Map listing on contact page

Content & On Page Optimisation
Content and creation of new services pages

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a digital marketing channel making your site appear at the top of Google’s SERP as a sponsored link. You may have seen these at the top of a SERP with a yellow box reading ‘ad’.

Pay Per Click Recommendations
PPC can offer a massive benefit to your SEO campaign. By targeting the same keywords as your organic search, your page not only appears twice on Google’s SERP, but the results seen in a carefully managed PPC campaign can even influence and build upon the work we do as part of our SEO work, helping you climb the positions on Google quicker than ever.

Social Media Recommendations
Social media is a unique way of marketing your business which bring your products and services to your target audience in a friendly and relaxed environment. Not only does this help you interact with your customers in an area where they naturally have their guard down, this helps you build your brand image and improve customer loyalty in a fun and modern way.

This goes far beyond simply posting the occasional Tweet or Facebook message – a carefully crafted social media campaign with proper use of paid advertising can lead to massive boosts in traffic coming towards your site. This high volume of relevant traffic can then help boost your ranking on Google, furthering our SEO goals in the process.