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SEO Companies need to become ‘holistic’

Have said this before that most SEO companies cant survive without branching out and becoming website designers also, here is a good case in point.

This is a very common email we get that requests commission for referrals, the one below was sent to another website design company that forwarded it to us for amusement:

[SEO Company] I co-run SEO Company we’re based in Essex as we do SEO and online marketing, etc. We tend to deal with businesses that have more than two members of staff. The core of our work is being used by large agencies who white label our work for their clients etc.

Anyway, cut to the chase.

We’ve worked with a lot of local web designers over the years, but after running our accounts, we’ve worked out that we have referred thousands of pounds worth of design work to third parties, never taken a ‘cut ‘over the last two years.

We tend to deal with small businesses that have two or more staff and rarely work with sole traders. We are finding that plumbers, builders & one-man bands are coming to us, asking about ‘cheap WordPress sites’. The last two years or so, we’ve just said try a couple of local designers, etc. We rarely hear anything back after being contacted.

We now think that we should work far closer with a partner, in return for a tiny cut of the deal. I’ve worked out that the average person who asks about web design takes us roughly two hours to deal with, sometimes longer. We’d like to recoup those odd hours if we can. We tend to get about 12 requests every year, going by 2016.

As said, we also work with some busy larger agencies. Every so often they look around for new designers either because they’re too busy, or they simply need some different design input on a project.

Is this something that you could potentially handle if we worked together? I find most local, one-man band quotes tend to be around £1000-1500 and most are happy to pay that, based on my recommendation. I just don’t want to do any work or be involved, unless they become a marketing client themselves.

If you’d like to be considered for this type of work, please let me know and send us some links/samples of your work?

Don’t worry, I’ve not added you to a marketing list or will contact you again.

[Website Designers] Yes please consider us for your partnership, recent examples of work are below, we have been around almost 10 years and have had similar arrangements with SEO companies before, if you can send us one referral a year that turns into a website project worth £1500 (that’s our average website project cost) we will be happy to pay you a commission, what commission rate are you happy with?