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SEO & Ads proposal

Here is an example SEO & Ads proposal that we send out to clients, this is just the summary:

As promised, I have attached your SEO & Ads proposal, summarised below.
I would be very happy to go through it with you if you wish.

We’ve been doing very successful, professional SEO for over 14 years and have an average of 5* reviews on


You have an excellent website for SEO, with lots of high-quality content, well structured.

Unfortunately, your previous SEO company has not helped you to page 1 of Google for much.

You do have some ranks on page 1 of Google, which is good news, as we are not starting from 0.

Having carried out significant research, we know exactly where you stand and how much potential you have in your search market (see report on page 7).

This is absolutely critical in determining:

· The correct SEO strategy

· Identifying quick wins, to enable the campaign to pay for itself ASAP.

· The size and scope of your search market potential.

To this end, we can see, that you have ranks below page 1 of Google for high demand searches.

We will initially target these as our quick wins.

We can relatively swiftly, boost them up to page 1 with our professional SEO.

This proposal outlines exactly this approach, including:


· Full research on all searches relevant to your business.

· Identification of all quick wins.

· Monthly SEO work to promote the chosen targets.

· Monthly reporting/collaboration and recommendations.

Ultimately, all this will get you more brand recognition, more leads and more sales from your website.

I think it is important that you work with me directly, as I am a fellow business owner, and you need to be properly looked after at this level.

I also understand the language, so I will be directly involved in the research phase, which is critical.

My team will then work under me, but I will be your primary contact.

I also think that trust in your chosen SEO partner is something hard to come by, so we will offer you a full 100% money back guarantee:

If we don’t generate more page 1 rankings, for relevant searches within 6 months, we will repay 100% of your monthly costs.

Yes, I am already 100% confident; that’s the benefit of 14+ years of SEO experience and our up-front Google research.

The proposal also outlines managing your Google Ads, which will use our research and targets from the SEO.

Having us manage both will help significantly.

Expect positive progress within 3 months and very positive by 6 months.

A review at 6 months, although we will be posting progress reports every month.

Monthly Zoom calls are offered as part of this process.

Monthly invoices are 1st of the month, 30 days.

Setup, research & all advice (done once only)

Monthly SEO, reporting, meeting (monthly)

(Breakdown of costs in the proposal)

100% money back guarantee on all monthly costs if we don’t get you more rankings on page 1 within 6 months.

The Google Ads costs are in the proposal and are the maximum as we don’t know how well setup your existing ads are.

If they are all ok the budget will be less.

The proposal is pretty detailed but luckily you only need to read to page 15 and a lot of the pages are very short, plus your entire Google report is in there so you can see where we’re starting from. The rest are appendices to cover any information you might want.

It includes:

A full explanation of what we do and how we do it.
What your expectations should be.
How we work together.
A research report on how you are currently doing in Google and your potential.
Costs broken down in detail.
100% money back guarantee.


You will work with me directly, as well as my team, so you’ll be dealing with the business owner first and foremost.
You’re not tied into a long-term contract.
We are very well established, with plenty of happy SEO clients and only extremely positive reviews.
We pride ourselves on putting our clients first, so any questions or issues you can contact me directly on my personal number, no exceptions.
Having spoken to you and researched your business and competitors, I think we are a perfect fit and I would very much like to work with you.
You’ll get free advice/consultation, help with your website and advice on Google Ads if you need them.
100% money back guarantee.

I’m around tomorrow if you want to chat, and ready to start working for you immediately!