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Website / SEO Improvements

Just a few SEO / Website Improvements we recently suggested for a new client to improve their website, this is included to give an example of our initial / top level improvements to ensure the site gets maximum exposure with the quickest and most obvious updates:

Observations / Problems
1 Reviewed each page (content / page speed  / image sizes / meta content) – Images optimised
2 Technical Improvements – Browser Caching / Above fold CSS and Javascript / Compression for each page / Minify Javascript
3 Screen position on mobiles (the whole page can be pushed to the left leaving white space on the RHS of the page) this is only evident on smartphones
4 Footer Accredidateions moved up to the top of page (below slider above text)
5 Footer Awards Section / Images not showing on mobiles
6 Put telephone number at the top page and make it clickable- need suggestions – should phone number be above / below the logo – should logo be centered as it doesnt look correct on mobiles
7 standard font size is too small needs to be increased by 2px
8 When you email using the contact form for you get an auto-responder email with specific text – please work out where it is set, it includes the pre-set text, please show where this is set and remove the words ‘anytime you want.’
9 Gap below 2nd slider on mobile (triple image) above the Customer service section.
10 Font headings not consistent (front page) needs to be same colour / font
11 Top headings (text) not correct on all pages (too small and not consistent)