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SEO Projects need to deliver results

It’s common that business owners employ Website Design / SEO companies to improve their websites / promote their business and either have unrealistic expectations or are promised that results will happen quickly, the fact is that SEO evolves constantly and nobody can really promise results. SEO should now involve a full review of a website’s function, useability, accessibility, content, business direction and social media to maximise results, simply focussing on adding ‘links’ or ‘tweaking titles’ is not an effective solution.

Here are an example Website Owner’s comments to their previous SEO company that demonstrates both the SEO / Website designers lack of clear expectations and the website owners failure to understand tahat

We would like to ask you if your company is a member of a trade association, that offers some sort of dispute resolution? Or are you a part of a Dispute Resolution Scheme? The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that services must be provided with reasonable care and skill we believe you havent done this

In our opinion, you did not use reasonable care and skill when you carried out the SEO work on our website. And we don’t think you can fix the problem. After carefully assessing the situation with a few SEO tools and SEO experts, we found that some pages you created have errors. We want to offer you two reasonable solutions.

1. Provide us with a copy of the website as its is now for the price we have paid, which is 50% of the initial quote and cancel the final invoice for which we do not see why we should pay.

2. In case you don’t agree with the first suggestion we would like to ask for a full refund of the money we paid. In this case you don’t have to give us a copy of the website file or access to our website hosting of the control panel. We will have to get it done somewhere else.

Below are some points, which we are complaining about:

• There no visible changes in terms of better ranking on Google. We asked you to show us which key words are related to plumbing and/or heating, which will be appearing on the Google pages. You did not answer.

• Just at the commencement of the SEO project work we asked for a project description of SEO,
including tactics, key word research, competitor analysis and KPI unfortunately we did not get an answer.

• We have not been provided with on-page and off-page SEO optimisation report, although we asked for it.

• There has not been a single job lead by phone or email, thanks to your SEO work.

• ROI is absolutely zero.

• SEO Diagnosis Tool shows, that the pages you have created have errors on the titles and meta-tag descriptions, which make us doubt you competence in the subject.

• We did not ask you to do any work on the mobile version of the website, you did it anyway and charged us for it.

• On the first telephone conversation with our marketing manager you promised that you will give us access to the Chanel, later you decided not to give us access.

• You made us transfer our website to your hosting even after we asked you to stay with our hosting. Since we already paid 50%, you had leverage to make us transfer the website.

• Together with the website transfer, you transferred the domain registrar, which you could just point. This eliminated our access to our domain. We had to spend time and money to get our domain back.

• You are holding our digital property without our consent.

• You don’t have copyrights to our website, and you still put the name of your
company on the footer of the website, making it look like it’s your work.

• You have breached our contact by failing to deliver the promised results We hope that we can come to an agreement and you will find the above solutions reasonable. On the presumption that you shall not wish to follow through with one of the above options, we shall leave the matter in the hands of our Solicitors whilst we consider and reserve our right to pursue you for the above bulleted points through the relevant Regulatory Bodies and Trading Standards.

If it is not already obvious to you let me stress to you that any claim you wish to bring against us shall be met with a robust defence and counterclaim.