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SEO is not guaranteed

SEO is an art not a science and can never be guaranteed, despite some website owner’s frustration, ideas otherwise, here is an example of how a website owner could be frustrated by a SEO company which although expert at their job cannot guarantee success. In general past performance should be used as a measure of future success but is by no means a set in stone certainty.

Its also a constant frustration for website desigers / SEO companies when we get asked to ‘get me to the first page of Google’ as this is a meaningless metric, a more measurable / favourable and realistic goal would be to increase organic traffic over a 6 month period by 20%.

[Website Owner] I have hired an SEO Specialist Company in the past and after 3 months of SEO work, the website traffic has stayed static and perhaps even decreased. We had not a single call, email or booking from our website. Can you guarantee that thanks to your website / SEO work we will get more business? So can you get me on the first page of Google?

Can you guarantee that thanks to your SEO work I will get:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased email enquiries
  • Increased calls from potential customers asking for quotes

I want my phone to ring at least 10 times per day with people asking me to give them a quote. Can you do that? If I’m going to spend money, I want to make a good Return on Investment. I need you to guarantee that thanks to your SEO work I will make more money? And if yes, how much more calls will I get? Please can you simply give me a short answer. I don’t need to read all the technical gibberish. What if you will not be able to deliver on your promise like the other SEO “specialist”? Will you pay all the money back?

[SEO Company] We have gone through your website thoroughly and prepared an analysis report, please find the attachment. We can surely bring your website up in Google page 1 within 3 to 4 month duration to the mentioned keyword. You can send us few more keywords to work on.

Yes, we can surely bring your website on first page of Google. You will start seeing some results right from 1st month, however, to bring some top results it will take around 3 to 4 month.

In general no ethical SEO company can give guarantee. The search engine algorithm is a hand coded by google engineers who can change it any time they want. But, our track record should give you a comfort level on our capability and expertise. We have a proven track record of consistently delivering with more than 90% of success rate in getting first page rankings on Google with the SEO strategy that we recommend.

Sorry, we don’t offer any money back guarantee. As you know we don’t sign any contract and you can go a month to month basis. We will send you a report in every 15 days where you can check all the work with live URL and ranking progress status