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Website Designer’s Proposals 1

Website Enquiry Examples, here is the responses a client got when he made the same enquiry to other website designers, before deciding to choose us to be his website design company.

[Website Owner] Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. Myself and my 2 partners have a diving website that has not been completed due to us all being very busy. We would now like it to be completed and promoted as soon as possible. It has been agreed that I take control of the site and find a web designer that can help us.

If you could give me an idea of how much this will cost that would be great. How much will the hosting be and is this paid yearly?  Will our website be fully responsive to all devices, mobiles and tablets? I would be really grateful for any other information you can give me. Is it possible to contact me via email only. I will give you as much imformation as and when you need it.

We would have liked to have used the existing website due to spending some of our budget on having it started already, but I can see what you’re saying. I have had a few other web designers look at it and some say the same. I will have a chat with my partners and explain to them that will we probably need to start from scratch.

[Website Designers] Thanks for getting in touch. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you but I’ve been out and about this week, so am only just catching up with emails. This sounds like something we can help with, but it’s difficult for me to give you an idea of costs without knowing a little more about the project. You mentioned that you had a work in progress site underway. Could we see this site anywhere? If you can send me a link that would be useful. Another thing that would help would be a brief that explains what the site needs to do, it’s structure etc…

Just to give you an indication of costs, our sites tend to start at around £3,000 and go from there depending on complexity. If you’ve already got a site in development and it just requires finishing, it might not take that much work We can host your site for £150 per year and the majority of sites we build now are indeed responsive for all devices. Hope that helps for now. If you can send over any additional info, links, examples etc…, we’ll take a look.

[Website Owner] Thank you for replying to my email. Here is the link to our website that has been started but not yet finished,  If you could take a look at it and let me know what you could do for us that would be great. As I said before, I am taking over the running of this but not really sure what would be the best thing to do, so I am happy for you to offer some suggestions.

I have had a few other web designers look at the website and they agreed that It would be better to start again. I will talk to my partners and see what they think. If they agree on a new website, then I will be in touch soon.

[Website Designers 1] Thanks for coming back to me. I’ve had a look over your site in more detail, and can certainly suggest some areas for improvement. We can help you to come up with a new website plan and strategy so are happy to come up with new ideas for the site too.
Your current site isn’t fully working for me (the left hand nav and on-page links don’t work), so I’ve based this feedback on what’s available.

Websites are no longer the sole domain of desktop and business PCs. The explosion in the smart phone and tablets markets has led to websites being viewed on a much wider range of devices than before. The improvements in mobile browsing speeds (with 3G and 4G) have also had a big effect on how we use the web. From iPhones on the go, iPads on the couch at home and desktop PCs at work, creating a good website experience for all of these devices is difficult.

This is where responsive design comes in. Essentially, responsive website design means that your site will automatically adapt the layout of the site to match the size of screen it is being viewed on. By formatting the content to match the size of screen it’s being viewed upon, you can serve up a much better experience to your visitors. With mobile and tablets set to overtake desktop PCs for browsing the web, making sure that your new website is optimised for these devices should be an absolute must for the new website. A responsive website is the best
way to do that in this case.

The current website looks a little dated and would greatly benefit from a design overhaul.  We’ll look to give the new site a lighter, airier feel with good use of whitespace to improve legibility and presentation of the new site. We should make better use of photos through the site too. The underwater shots are really interesting, and give a real feel for the kind of thing you can see when diving, so these should be an integral part of the design.
All aspects of the design will be considered from the colour scheme to the choice of fonts in order to establish a new visual style for the site. One of the key aims is to create a visual hierarchy to the pages so that information is quickly and easily identified by your users.

The course pages themselves would benefit from an overhaul to make them more visually interesting and to create a bit of a buzz around the courses. The ability to book online would also be a really good idea. Creating a simple basket and checkout process is key here to make the site easy to use for your users.

If you’re going to allow online payments, I think it would be a good idea to offer gift vouchers which people could use off the price of a course.

Our websites all feature a powerful, yet easy-to-use admin system. This allows administration staff to quickly and easily update the website on a regular basis.  Our admin system uses an interface similar to Microsoft Word, so it is easy for users to learn and requires no real technical knowledge or coding. I don’t really know much about your goals, your target audience and what you’re looking to get from the site at this point. At some point, it would be useful to get more of a brief from you on the site.
Let me know if you have any questions.
[Website Designers 2]  Hosting is £100 paid annually but we always include 1 years free with all our websites. We offer responsive, content manageable and search engine optimization websites for £550. Stock imagery and training is also included in this price.

Just had a look through the website now, am i right in saying it’s just a static HTML site? Initial thoughts are the website is hard to use and confusing in terms of finding the information people may want to find. The design could certainly be more fresh and modern, blue is a nice colour but i think there is just too much here and it looks very flat and militant, also the quality of the logo is poor and it is not mobile friendly.
If i were to take over i would just need the remaining bits of text and that’s it. We do offer a professional copy-writing service if required.
Ideally i would start a complete scratch on this for the price stated previously which would be £550 (including 1 years hosting). What is your thoughts on that?

[Website Designers 3] Annual website hosting is £50 per year Tablet / iPhone/ mobile friendly websites that have a content management system so you maintain it start from £550, but this is negotiable. Any more information please feel free to come to the office to discuss. Everything looks straight forward apart from the courses section, as you thinking of taking full payments online? Or is this just a guide price?

[Website Designers 4]  Do you need a brand new website building or are you looking for someone to take over development of your existing uncompleted website? If it’s the later then I’d need to see the unfinished site to work out what else needs doing. If you need a new site designing and building that’s responsive and allows you to edit content, then we can do that. These types of sites start at around £1500 and go up depending on other features you need. Hosting would be paid directly to the hosting company and on average costs around £5 per month.

This is certainly something that we could help you with. Would it be possible for you to send me a link to the site as it is now?
Also do you know what platform was used to create it? This will help me get an idea of the cost involved.

If you can give me a full breakdown of exactly what you need (finish off what you have or create a brand new site) and an idea of number of pages, features, what you want the website to do for the business (such as generate new leads) and if you need a content management system to allow you to change content then I’d be happy to work out some more specific costs.

You asked if the site would be responsive and work on mobiles but unfortunately, after looking at the code and how it’s been built, it won’t be responsive. To make it responsive you’d be looking at a complete rebuild from scratch I’m afraid. It’s also not built on a content management system so won’t be very easy for you to update content. It’s hard to tell from looking at the site exactly what needs finishing as I don’t know what the original plan was or what pages are unfinished. It can be very difficult to take on someone else’s work especially as it is very different to anything that we’d create and build here.
Unfortunately I don’t think this is something we can help with unless you’re thinking of a completely new design and build to make the site responsive.

[Website Designers 5]  Thanks for your enquiry, it sounds like an interesting project. Firstly, we really need to ascertain whether we are the right partner for you. With regards to the existing project we wouldn’t be looking to finish off something that is part complete already as often the initial work hasn’t been done to our high standards so with that in mind we only work on projects starting from scratch. Is that what you’re after?

The next thing to ask is the dreaded word – Budget. Do you have a budget in mind? We ask this because essentially it is you who tells us what you have to spend. Of course we have a start from base price for projects which is £10,000 but after that it really depends on what you need as to what we would need to charge. If you have a definite budget, then we can help you decide what can and cannot be done if budgets are limiting.

The final things to answer at this stage is deadlines. Do you have a deadline in mind? We are always excited to hear about new projects and a diving website sounds really fun but with current contract commitments we are now looking at early next year completion dates for projects started in October/

[Website Designers 6]  Thank you for your email regarding a new website for your diving business. Before I can give you a price, it would be helpful if you could give me the following information:

Your current website domain name, so I can look at your website
An idea of how many pages you would like on the website, as well as the page titles
Any specific functions you would like to have on the website
Examples of websites you like.

We do not tend to revamp third party websites.I would be happy to quote you for a new bespoke CMS website, with the amount of pages you have (over 35 pages) our price for this would start from £2000.

For me to quote, I would require amount of pages, special features, etc. You may be better off with a WordPress or off the shelf template CMS website package, but it does tend to come down to “you get what you pay for” with regards quality and customer service from off the shelf packages.

Just in case you are not too sure what CMS stands for, it is Content Managed System, this allows you to add and upload information on to your own website (news, images, special offers, etc). If you can come up with a page structure and functions you require for the website, I should be able to give you some advice and estimated cost.

[Website Designers 7]  First of all, what an enquiry to receive – I love diving and my brother is a diving instructor so we have plenty in common! On a serious note, I will need some more info before I can give an accurate quote. Please could you provide me with your current website address and advise what work you would like done? Or are you looking for a brand new website?

To answer your questions, every single website we create is responsive as standard. We do offer hosting on a yearly basis, this currently costs £105 per year but the first year is free if we build your website. We build all our websites to our clients’ satisfaction – there are no revision or design limitations. As I mentioned, I’d be very interested in working with you guys. Can I ask how you found us?

I have had a good look at the site and I’m afraid to say it has very many issues, specifically:
·       It’s not responsive – this means the site does not react to different screen sizes and looks poor on smaller screens like phones
·       The general design, structure and navigation of the site is poor
·       Most links do not work
·       The site is not very search engine friendly

Sorry to sound so negative but I prefer to be honest! Can I suggest building a new website from scratch? The cost would be similar to cleaning up the current site. We could build you a brand new, professional website which is responsive, search engine friendly and much more user friendly for a cost of £800.00 all inclusive (including 1 year hosting and domain registration if required). You would also be able to very easily update the new website yourselves as and when you needed to. We would be able to get started on this right away and could have it finished pretty quickly. Let me know your thoughts.

[Website Designers 8] Our web design packages begin at £5,750. This is a standard content managed website which is optimised for tablets and smart phones. However, to give you an accurate estimate, we would need to arrange a meeting to find out your exact requirements, and take an in depth brief. Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like to arrange a meeting.

I have had a look at your website. I am going to be brutally honest, because it will be to your benefit as a company, weather you choose to use us as your web design company or not.

Your best option would be to start from scratch and completely re-built everything from the logo / branding upwards to the website design.
I will list the ‘main’ problems with your site and branding as it currently:

Non-website related problems
1 Most importantly, there is another diving company called ‘Silent Bubbles’ who use an almost identical web address to you. This will make SEO and marketing a nightmare for you guys.
2 Your branding (logo) does not confirm to common design conventions, current standards and does not convey company values, services or aesthetics. The logo does not capture the attention of your audience and draw them in.

Main concerns with the Website
1 The navigation, design and layout of your website is not aesthetically pleasing, clear or functional.
2 Your content is not structured and there is far too much of it on the home page.
3 The imagery you have used is not appealing and does not draw users in to make them want to contact you. They are also repeated, such as on the pricing page.
4 There are no calls to action on the pages.
5 The design does not conform to the standards of your competitors or common conventions of design, resulting in an un-aesthetically pleasing website that does not instil confidence in the company.
6 Many of the navigation links do not work.
7 Prices of the courses should not be displayed if they are ALL ‘POA’.
8 There are lots of other small problems, but these are the main ones that should DEFINATELY be re-considered. In my honest and professional opinion, the website should be re-built and your branding should be re-visited.

Unfortunately we will not be able to just “complete” the current website for you. This isn’t a service we offer. Our websites are built from scratch based on in-depth research and are fully customised and tailored for your particular audience. Our job is to make you stand out from your competitors and to get you a larger market share, this is what we want to do for our clients and what we pride ourselves on. We want to ensure the work we do is helping each and every one of our clients grow as a company. Unfortunately, with the current website you have, we will not be able to do that for you.

I hope you can at least find this email useful for your future endeavours. If you would like to use our web design services, please feel free to get in touch with me via phone or email.

[Website Designers 9] Yes we certainly can help. Our hosting package, which includes domain management, forwarding of email services, web hosting and daily back-up, costs £210 per year (ex VAT) for a CMS based site. We can build your website to ensure it is fully responsive, though it is impossible to give you any costs without seeing what the project looks like at the moment. I am assuming that you have a partially built website – if we could see this then it would help a great deal. Also if you have a written brief for the project then, again, this would help us to determine costs.

As a guide, for a standard Joomla (or WordPress) based website that is fully responsive and doesn’t require a high degree of development work and is limited in terms of the content pages we would need to create (i.e. less than 10) then we would expect the cost to be (roughly) £2000 – £3000. But we can offer lots of options and ways to reduce costs or increase functionality if required. Please let me know if you can offer any more information.

Having now had a brief look at the website I am of the opinion that it should be updated. To me the look and feel is very dated indeed and not what you should expect from a modern website. I would suggest that we take the existing content and general structure and apply it to a newer responsive template. We would probably suggest a template from Yootheme as a starting point, personally I very much like the new ‘Katana’ template, but if you wanted a more traditional layout then something like ‘Capture’ or even ‘Everest’ could be quickly adapted to meet your branding, content and functional requirements- responsive design is built in to all of the recommended templates. We would expect to achieve this on a budget less than £3000. Please note that we would build the website using the open source CMS Joomla (you would therefore have full control of the website and be able to amend it in future if required). Please let me know if this would be of interest or if you would like a further discussion. Many thanks again and kind regards,

[Website Designers 10] Thanks for getting in touch via our website. I’m sure we could help you with the design and build of your new site but we would need some more information before we could give you any costs. Do you have a brief for the site? If not could you let me know what sort of site you are looking to have designed? How many pages you expect it to have? Do you have content and images ready? Will you need any specific functionality such as a shop, booking forms or calendars? Any information you have at this stage would be helpful.
We can of course design a responsive site for you and once we know a bit more about your needs I can cost for that.

We also provide hosting for our clients, our basic charge for this is £200 plus vat per year but this may increase depending on the site we are hosting. We build all our sites in WordPress however your site is not built in WordPress so it would not be something we complete for you. We would of course be happy to provide you with a quote to design and build the site in WordPress if you would like? Do let me know if you would like a quote and I will put one together for you.

I’d be more than happy to get a quote over to you for the full build and design of your site, just one question before I do that though, will you want customers to be able to book courses on the site or would you like them to just enquire at this stage?