Here is an example Website Improvement proposal for reference as to the level of detail we go to for our clients.
Our services include website hosting, website marketing, search engine optimisation and print design. Our clients appreciate that they get all their Internet requirements from just one source. They don’t have to interact with separate website designers, copywriters, marketing
strategists and hosting companies.
We can save you time and money by keeping everything ‘in house’. The result is a unified strategy that is both efficient and cost-effective.
Delicious Webdesign is comprised of a small group of talented individuals with proven skills in the various specialties related to web design, ecommerce and online marketing (SEO). We are action and goal oriented whilst acutely focused on ensuring our clients get the results beyond their needs.
We know the Internet provides enormous opportunities for both big and small businesses to promote their services. Our mission is to help facilitate their online marketing strategy.
Our fees are competitive and we take pride in our reputation for ‘delivering the goods’ and developing ongoing business relations with our clients.
The client (hereinafter referred to as “The Client”) is engaging Delicious Webdesign, as a web development agency to increase sales and improve the online presence of their brand.
General Notes
The client currently have a website to which they are directing Google Adwords adverts to for sales leads. The client requires analysis and optimisation of their Google Adwords account, with consultation and training on how to manage the account better. The Client’s
monthly advertising budget is set at approximately £500-£750 per month. No conversion data is currently being tracked in Google Adwords.
The Client is not currently building any form of marketing database from phone or online enquiries. They are interested in implementing a system which will collect and organise customer enquiries for future marketing and upsells.
The Client is aware that the website has shortcomings in terms of functional and aesthetic appeal. In time, they may be interested in improving the current site to, in turn, increase conversions from any organic and paid website visits.
We have gained access to The Client’s adwords account in order to produce an accurate quote for work involved. We have explained that the effectiveness of any Google Adwords advertising is linked to the destination of the adverts, in this case, the website. Our advised order of work to effectively increase sales is to tend to the website as a the highest priority.
Google Adwords Management
We propose a period of 3 months to analyse and manage relevant adwords campaigns and ad-groups based on our best practice knowledge and experience.
We will analyse historical campaign data, and make organisational changes to the account to create structured campaign(s) to move forward with.  Adding any relevant extensions, negative keywords and more specific keyword match types. We will also require that conversion tracking is set up on the website to provide meaningful statistics based on user behaviour. We may require access to your website, or communicate with your existing webmaster to implement this on your current website.
At the end of the 3 month period, we would recommend a days training on using the Google Adwords platform, specifically for your sales strategy.
Website Audit
We recommend that we run a website audit across the current website site to provide you with a detailed report of technical and visibility issues that may currently exist. This will also provide a detailed report of the visibility of your website across social and search channels.
Website Design
We would strongly recommend that the website appearance and functionality is treated as a priority to effectively create leads from Google Adwords advertising. At a minimum, a more sophisticated captcha system than that of the current version, which appears on the quote form, should be used to increase conversions. Aside from improving the user engagement and aesthetic appeal of the website, we would
implement best practice SEO at the core of the website and utilise more advanced analytics
and structured landing pages, to improve future Google Adwords performance.
We build dynamic websites, using a popular CMS system called WordPress. A dynamic website allows your staff to add new content in a quick and easy way. For a website like yours, regular adding of customer testimonials would likely improve conversion rates and promote
confidence in your company to your potential customers. New content that is added to your website also increases your website size and visibility for organic searches.
We only create responsively designed websites. Responsive websites scale optimally across devices, desktop, tablet and mobile. A wide range of completed works can be found on the portfolio area of our website
Website Hosting
Should Delicious Webdesign be provided with the opportunity to redesign the existing website, we can also provide optimised hosting. Our website hosting ensures excellent page speeds which search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing, now take into account when deciding your organic search engine placement and also the quality scores within Google Adwords. We provide a fully managed service so if there are any problems with the website then it is only Delicious Webdesign you are dealing with, not any other third parties. Within this service we also take daily backups of the website, take care of security issues and optimise the server for loading speed.

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