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Combined Approach to Social Media, Web and Marketing

How do you Advertise?

Probably in all or some of these
Social Media
Print Media
WebsiteTrade Fayres

What Does Good Look Like / Best Practice
Social Media Audit/ SEO Review

1 Using social Media to drive traffic to your website & promote your brand
2 Do your social media posts feed in to your website?
3 Tagging clients and partner companies
4 Hash # Tags
5 Retweet versus Quote Retweet on # tags

Social media what is the purpose? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…. Levels of impact and purpose

Boosted Posts
Calls to action
Post content – recognisable branding, clear message, call to action
How often and when should I post?

Your Website – is it mobile optimised (Responsive)
Search Engine Optimisation

Review competitor Websites to identify “key Words”
Review own website text to ensure Keywords appear promptly in text and page titles
Word count, Google could consider quality content to be over 300 words per page as long as its unique and relevant
Readability – short sentences, how easy is it to read.
Upload at least one image per page, Google seems to like pages with images
Rename images to include keywords in image file name
Links to other quality content within context is good news for example linking to other pages within your website or another supplier within a bulk of text is good thing (but dont make it a main menu option)
External Links pages – Google seems to not like pages that contain lists of links, use quality content to link where required.
Blogging – follow the guides above for all blog posts and aim to blog approx once or twice a week, when blogging avoid rehashing old blogs and try and stick to new content for each blog, Keyword overcrowding on blog content can harm your google rankings

Search Engine Optimisation:
In Summary where your website is concerned you can not defeat Google, all the old tricks and tips are not only now irrelevant but potentially harmful to your rankings.
There is no short cut around ensuring you website has quality content, and is refreshed on a regular basis
Blogging via your site is an easy step towards ensuring that Google bots continue to see fresh new quality content on your site without you having to constantly rewrite or add new pages
NOTE: this is all “Polishing the Bonnet” advice, underneath the bonnet your website has many engine parts that can be “tuned” up for SEO, this is where a small investment in an SEO specialist site review can reap rewards, We can can highly recommend “Delicious Webdesign” based in Stanford-le-Hope in Essex for website design and SEO.

Social Media:
Likes, shares and comments, the more of these you can generate the better (from real accounts)
Tagging, Quadruple your post reach by tagging the clients / customers / partners.
Facebook Groups and adverts, refresh your ad occasionally, aim to post twice a week, Statistically the best days for posting are Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, but experiment and see what works for you
Posting to 40+ groups can be laborious and hard to track, post one ad to your page and then share to all the groups, not only does this save time but all shares, reach and likes are easy to track
Consider “Boosting” posts especially those that receive a positive reaction
Social Media this is where potential clients get to see your personality, your calls to action and potentially where a vast majority of your website traffic is generated from

Social Media Audit/ SEO Review

Website Content Review
300 words per page
Images on every page
Keyword review and count
Fresh Blog content weekly
Link to quality content
Insert keyword in to image file names
SEO under the bonnet review (Those using WordPress can download SEO plugins – extremely Useful)
Social Media
Do a social media search on your company, are there old pages which need updating or even closing
Establish Twitter, FB, Pinterest and Instagram Posting routine, quality content at least twice a week ideally daily.
Tag, tag and then tag some more
When you aren’t tagging you should be hash tagging 😉
For hash tags to work “don’t just retweet, but Quote & Retweet