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Marketing Project Ideas

Often get involved with Marketing ideas and here are some old thoughts about one project that was discussed years ago,

Am just considering the website marketing ideas project that we have been discussing I think there is a disconnect between us all in what we understand / need / want to achieve. I apologise if I am talking out of turn or have got the wrong direction from what I have been told / assumed / heard from all of you via phone / email.

I will give an overview from a business management perspective, not purely concentrating on the website / ecommerce system / SEO / PPC which we are responsible for currently. The points raised are not to be completed in isolation as I believe in a holistic approach to all aspects of business as each area can and does affect the others.

I am of the opinion that marketing is an essential task that never ends and always evolves and content in all its forms should be created to attract, persuade and enhance buyers and potential buyers’ purchasing decisions.

Marketing / Advertising seems to always get neglected by companies once they launch as its time consuming / difficult to keep on top of things without dedicated resources that have fluid ideas that evolve with the technology available to them in online / offline marketing.

The idea that more time and effort should be spent on Marketing / SEO / PPC / Content (website content / videos) / Social Media content should be produced to enhance the business / current  marketing is a great idea but believe the idea of a new development website / test website being created is not the correct path to take, I do not understand the purpose / reason for such a change when there are so many other important / critical elements to concentrate on.

Directly regarding the website I believe tweaks / changes / updates to the current website to incorporate the new ‘normal’ of Covid 19 and new sectors and businesses that we want to attract is the way to go in my opinion.

Have been told of your desire to have pages that attract different audiences which I like / agree with and actually was how the 2nd website was created (with sections / pages for offices / schools etc) so now we could create content for other important areas this content marketing could enhance / attract our existing marketing to get purchasing managers onto the page.

If I was to prioritise what I believe is required then it would be these things, based on my conversations you to date.

1, Content Marketing – Need fresh / new content specifically for markets we want to penetrate, videos that can be used online (website, Instagram, Facebook etc) to enhance our message.

2, PPC advertising – This sector was not a sector that was ‘competitive’ in PPC, now there are new websites that aggressively advertise using PPC for all aspects of our services.We are currently advertising via PPC but could utilise the existing websites / new websites to enhance our SEO. There is an idea that may be worthy of consideration, where we could create other optimised websites that could sell the product on as well as enhancing the SEO of the existing website.

3, SEO / Marketing Overview, we need a full evaluation / overview of the current online Marketing / SEO situation. There are other retailers selling the product for higher prices in the UK, is this authorised / permitted / agreed? (Dortech direct).

Have you thought about using influencers? I have seen social media influencers push sales of products quickly and rapidly, not sure this will sit well with you as brand ambassadors were previous rejected / removed.

4, Social Media – Believe we should be creating videos / content for youtube / tiktok / insta / fb (saw a tiktok video for a ‘random’ product that has had 1.3Million views / 21k likes with 46 forwards) it probably took an hour to make and looks great. We could create videos that have the potential to go viral

We should create a channel and start creating great content that will be shared. To put the tiktok stats into perspective the original video created 7 years ago has had less that 7.5k views so far and took a massive amount of time / effort and money to create.

Probably forgot / overlooked some things as I have a lot on my mind today so will be happy to hear people’s opinions / views.