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Instagram and Facebook Marketing

Quick overview of Social media requirements over two platforms (Facebook and Instagram), which are the two platforms we recommend as of 2020

By default we will want you to have both accounts and we will have them both linked from your website, we will also build ‘feeds’ into your website so you will see your latest posts just by looking at the website.

We will create some social media post templates based on your brand colours and font. If your website isn’t live yet we will need:

Brand guidelines i.e. font, colour codes, style etc
Full company name
Company bio if you have it or any straplines you are planning to use on your website.

For your business the best posts that will work are below and these will be rotated to keep your followers interested and increasing in numbers:

Before and after images on a template
Special offers
Photos of the work in progress
360 Videos
Short slide show presentation

Every post will have relevant hashtags added

The more personal the post the more interaction you receive. The key is to keep the social media posts varied, rotating and only sending roughly 1 a week on each platform as too many posts will dilute your audience. We all know that company that posts every day and we end up unfollowing them, because it’s just too much. The biggest success is getting people to share your posts, so speak to ex customers / family members and friends to assist with this in the beginning.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time as I’ll be more than happy to help.