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Redesign my website please

A common comment that gets asked of us recently, due to poor design / performance / marketing and SEO (website promotion) we find that a lot of business owners start by having a website built by a friend, an inexperienced website designer or design company / themselves or companies that treat websites like a product that can be cloned / copied and put live without a moments thought or any attention to detail. Here is a brief conversation after a meeting with such a business owner that demonstrates the areas we highlight:

Hi Was good chatting to you the other day about how to redesign / improve / promote your business with the website

Took a long look at the website after our call and believe there are many basic points and some advanced ones that need addressing, here are my brief initial thoughts for your consideration, they are mainly negative points initially but the look / function of the site is generally good in our option.

1, website name / logo indicates that you are selling a second hand product, believe it needs to be clearer that you are a distributor / stockist of products this needs to be shown in the website name / logo and front page making it very obvious.

2, the ecommerce lookup function is flawed and should alow for broad searches (the ability to search for ‘any’)

3, website is created using wordpress with an estate agency theme that has been adapted to be a ‘showcase’ one and as such still shows map listings on every product adding to the confusion and identity of the business as a product distributer / stockist. There is a postcode field showing on each listing. I would suggest there should be a divide for new / used products.

4, transport main menu page surely should be a minor page called delivery? not a main menu section.

5, the selling page should be a better form that includes photo upload function.

There are approximately 15 other problems / bugs / mistakes on the site, that we have found after an initial review, this leads us to believe the site hasn’t been created with any direction / thought / search engine optimisation or ‘love’ and would benefit massively from a redesign with a new website name.

We could take on this project with the view to making your website the best it could be and ensuring it attracts the correct visitors, making you the most sales / profit. This is highlighted that you don’t show for in the top 30 pages in any search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo) for any of your key search terms.

Please reply with your initial thoughts from our conversation and this email and if you want us to take this project on we can go forward quite rapidly for you.