The backbone of our company is our multiple servers that power all the websites and email accounts our clients use, we have the fastest, most efficient and resilent server hardware and software available backed up with 24/7 support.
We can offer you Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, collocation services, we are the best provider for all your hosting needs. We have the servers, staff and know how to provide your entire web based hosting solutions, we are able to provide you with Global Web Hosting, VPS or Dedicated solutions. We also provide the best reselling prices and plans available.
Just a few of the free solutions to our website clients:
A dedicated support team, we are here for you regardless of the day or time, if you have questions we have answers and are here to help you, we are happy to help you.
A CDN with over 100 servers located globally, this helps get your content to your visitors even faster.
A web based collaboration system, this allows anyone who needs to be able to access documents on the go or keep a team all on the same page.
1 click apps installer, this allows you to set up high quality apps without having to be an apps wizard just 1 click and our system takes care of everything else.
Huge Diskspace and bandwidth allowances, no more worrying if your website will be shut down because you have too much traffic.
A Free domain name with yearly hosting packages and you can host multiple domains from one single account, no need to purchase multiple hosting packages.
Move to a dedicated and reliable host with over 10 years’ experience in a global market.
Ready to move today? We will move your files for free, call us to discuss your website hosting requirements and teh packages we can offe ryou and you will see there is no compromising on the high quality of services we provide.

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