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Organic Marketing for your Company

After discussing with you about the design of the website and its marketing organically in a more cost effective, long term way than google ads, we are happy to suggest we could be a good fit for your company in finding a website designer. Our meeting covered how we can assist you on improving your online presence and driving substantial traffic to your website, which should / could result in more inquiries and sales. This is our first desire for your business instead of the Pay Per Click (PPC) idea that you thought you initially needed.

Be assured we are not a hard sell company and are here to assist you and your company where we can. We have many clients that we have assisted who are available to testify how they have benefited from our affordable services. Can provide contacts to this effect on request.

We endeavor to work with our client’s long term and offer a bespoke individual service to ensure our clients are entirely satisfied at all times. This will be an opportunity for you to discuss with us how to get you the type of work you want through your website and what sort of financial package would suit you.

We are a website design and marketing company that can normally make massive differences to different companies online ‘cloud’. My immediate impression from your website is there is huge scope to increase the traffic to your website. It is also coming up as not GDPR compliant, no SSL Certificate (insecure) also it is not mobile friendly, which means it will be difficult to read for the majority of people who search you up on their phone or tablet.

Our company creates very bespoke websites and we are flexible in what we offer in terms of financial packages and the services we offer. Not only do we do website design but we are very good at marketing your website to ensure it is on the front page of google to maximise the traffic and potential clients. We also are able to help you with social media campaigns to get you many followers. In addition, we are experienced in e-commerce. We specialise in organic marketing which can be so much more effective than pay per click, and financially cheaper! People often skip past these google ads.

We would market your website through the use of keywords to get you traffic to your website. Through this organic marketing we could help you research what key words you want for the type of business you need. We are also able to add tags so google sees it as a live site and look at the html coding to keep it ‘noticed’ by google.

Our services are bespoke in terms of their nature and financial packages. This is why we operate through a face to face meeting; rather than selling over the phone. We have had a lot of success with local companies, can send you the examples of these websites on request, obviously we have also designed lots of other websites for other industries. Should you be interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact me