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Hopefully if you ever get an offer that seems too good to be true or you have a ‘friend’ that will do a cheap website for you this message below gives you an indication of the level of service we can offer and the reasons why we have been so successful over so many years and the reason why our clients recommend us and rarely use another website designer.

[Website Owner] Sorry for the delay, but I have been on holiday, and my manager said she did not receive the invoice until a few days ago.I have spoken to our new Website Designer who is building our new website, for his advice regarding how much we should be paying for the service.

As you know, we have already asked for you to unlock the transfer for domain so he can transfer it over to us, but we still have not received this.  Can you send this to me please? He says we should not be paying for a full two years. So can you adjust this accordingly please?

Also can you explain the other charges please (SSL Certificate Installation and configuration and Security / Performance / Maintenance)?  Isn’t this something that our new Website Designer will take over as and when we transfer?

If so, can you please deduct these charges and send me an amended invoice, which we will then pay upon receipt.

[Delicious Webdesign] Hi, we had send the invoice lots of times and phoned Friday but regardless its good you are on this now, as you can see from the invoice the domain / website had expired last week but we renewed it on your behalf knowing / hoping that you wanting to continue with us.

If we hadn’t renewed it you would have lost your domain as a competitor could have purchased it, but hopefully you know we aim to deliver exceptional customer service. I would consider this action falls into that category.

We did get your email about transferring the domain, did reply within one day but didn’t get a reply. I must say we are a bit shocked you would want to go with someone else, here are my reasons and the reasons why I want you to stay working with us:

1, you have been with us for 7 years now

2, your website was created by us for a ‘relatively modest small sum’

3, we created the text on the website also

4, your website has attracted 12008 visitors in that time naturally via Google which equates to less than 10p per visitor.

5, your website hasn’t been down for more than a few seconds in the last 7 years

6, we now have a bigger team / bigger portfolio / more comprehensive technical skill set and customer base

7, we have been loyal to you and have delivered great service when needed

8, we have advised you about your SEO efforts and hopefully saved you money

9, your website has been attracting ‘consistent’ visitors since the first month

10, we know we can redesign and improve the website making it future proof

11, we keep it live even when you miss deadlines.

12, We are replying to you at 10pm on a Tuesday night

13, We analysed your website / send a list of recommended improvements

14, we now have a PPC specialist (pay per click advertising)

15, we now have a 360 degree video tour specialist

16, use advanced ‘goal’ management so we can give you advanced reports

17, We have a massive list of satisfied clients that have recommended us.

18, we have kept on top of current trends and best practices

19, we know exactly what your website will need in terms of a redesign

20, we have recently upgraded our Server (again) to a faster / better one.

21, Our Server is in the UK and is managed by a blue chip company

22, Your website has been upgraded to the latest version of PHP

23, We have managed / upgraded all software on your site regularly (daily checks)

24, we have send you a monthly report of website visitors every month for 7 years

25, we manage all your Google Analytics / Google Webmaster tools

26, we have corrected your Google category (previously it was ‘Plumber’ now its ‘Drainage Service’)

27, we have recently invested heavily in server and website performance software

28, we have a server specialist on our team

29, we have a webcopy specialist and a SEO specialist on the team.

Here is a list of our clients on Google Maps (we could create you a map of clients also if required)

Here is a list of some of our recent websites (all live all clients very happy)

General Websites (click on any to view)

Additionally, and without being critical of any competition the website of the Website Designers you are dealing with doesn’t work, it doesn’t seem like they build websites and it looks like the business is Closed according to Google, also it is in Germany on a slow server with nearly 14000 other websites (super cheap / budget / poor performance). I can’t believe they are equipped to look after such an important thing as your website redesign and its security. In short they seem like an amateur outfit at best and one I wouldn’t trust my most valuable business asset with under any circumstances.

Hope this persuades you to stay with us and will be delighted to get your reply or perhaps we can chat on the phone / meet to discuss?

Regarding invoice charges they are all described fully and in detail below with the actual Invoice that we sent 30 days in advance but for information the SSL certificate is the ‘vital’ secure / GDPR compliant upgrade making your site secure and compliant (look at the site in the browser you will see it says https and shows a padlock now)

The security / Performance / Maintenance is the standard charge we put on websites that allow us to look after them (software licences / upgrades / security / making sure they load quickly) for information even this evening your website had two bits of software upgraded. We have also upgraded your website.

Two years is our standard billing cycle, it keeps costs down and keeps admin down and also if you insist on moving after all this there is an admin charge to be added. Really hope you don’t move now and hope we can continue to work with you. Please don’t go (You are making a big mistake).