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Cheap Website Design

Ever wondered why some website design companies offer cheap Website Design and Cheap hosting? Here is some ‘real’ stats from 1 or more website designers, that we have come across, that explain clearly when checking the website designer / website that they created why they are cheap and ineffective.

1, There are 81,226 domains hosted on the server where the new domain is hosted
2, Website Load Time 13.18 seconds (page size is 4.5Mb also!)
3, Website is hosted in Germany, a favourite place for budget hosting from 123Reg and 1&1
4, Website doesn’t get a SSL certificate
5, Website isn’t maintained / updated (no WordPress Core Updates, themes / plugin updates)
6, No security on server or website!
7, No Performance Optimisation carried out
8, Websites only uses Free / Unsupported Website Themes
9, Uses hacked or nulled plugins / themes
10, The exact same theme is used on all their websites / all websites look the same
11, Domains are registered to (and owned by) the Website Design company
12, Stock Photos are ‘copied’ and not licenced
13, Stock Photos are taken from free web resources / Free Stock Agencies
14, Website is full of broken links
15, Website navigation doesn’t work
16, Website isn’t fully ‘Responsive’ (touch and mobile friendly)
17, Same Theme Design, look, feel, function on all websites created
18, The terms and conditions are downloads and they are word documents not pdfs
19, Another download document is a document type .pages ?
20, Downloads are dated three years before the website launch
21, Website Designer has no idea / experience / knowledge about launching a website
22, The actual domain used is not the same as the one they have had for 8 years
22, The old to new domain transfer migration doesn’t occur
23, Google Stats reporting is not continued with new website (after 8 years of stats)
24, No use of Google Search Console / Webmaster tools
25, Google Local is not used / updated
26, Website looks exactly like the website designers own one
27, New website doesn’t include even half the amount of pages that were on the original
28, Looking at Page titles has absolutely no idea about SEO / Website Promotion.
29, Social Media links not correct
30, For a redesign they simply cut and paste content from one page to the ‘new’ ones.
31, Huge pages full of text (very unexciting / uninviting)
32, The stock photo names are not search engine friendly and unchanged from stock agency.
33, Website has no contact page
34, There is no registered company name or number or the address (against UK Law)
34, The front page’s title is given the search engine friendly name of ‘Front Page’!
35, Website is not GDPR compliant.