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This is a route we have been seeing more and more people taking to get their website build, without doubt this is one of the worst ways to find a professional / trustworthy and flexible website design company. The email below was actually successful in attracting a business owner to use their services, we know this as they forwarded it to us when the company didn’t reply to their emails after taking all their money for the website project.

Hi, I am a master’s student at The University of Lincoln studying Advertising and Marketing. Before joining university, I worked for 5 years at an advertising agency where we carried out web design services for businesses in every category. [Totally believable (sort of) so far ]

Whilst at university, I have become self-employed and have been designing and building websites with my business partner who is also at university. We have completed several professional websites and use the exact same hosting and design platforms that I did at the advertising agency.

They would charge their clients £2,200 plus. However, as I am trying to build a portfolio now, I am designing and building fully complete websites for just £400. [then why did you charge £2400?]

We have done over 50 websites [no you haven’t] and all our customers have come back and said that they have increased business thus, making it a fully worthwhile investment. We get most of our work through word of mouth but are trying to expand and build the portfolio even more. I also do SEO (search engine optimisation), getting you on page 1 on Google. The first site I did was for my Dad who is a construction business owner. I updated his website and optimised it and he now gets over half of his work from it (his website is [Removed but it is actually lapsed and now a clothes retailer !] I would love to offer a service to you (not a sale) and increase traffic and business to your door!

If you are interested in updating your website, or having a new one, we can give you a free design and proposal to see exactly what it would look like and if you were happy to go ahead, we can have a fully functioning website set up in just a days.

I appreciate your time and interest and if you were to go ahead that would help we with my portfolio significantly and I would be extremely grateful.