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Some random things people have copied me in over the years from their old website designers, some make me laugh and some make me cry and very rarely I see something really useful and relevant, trust a ‘friend’ with your website you will invariably regret it.

Website Designer 1

Here is the first draft of the website for you to review. The content is the same as the old site as agreed so there is no emphasis on the training aspect. There are a few changes to the original and the reasons are below.

1. More content on the home page – better Google indexing and multiple links to the other pages.
2. Removed news posts – all out of date and basically of no benefit. The site is set up to add these later when available.
3. Combined Services – too little content for single pages. Made easier to navigate and ensured it is in a format that Google can read in one place.
4. Added a page for Testimonials

I think it’s already looking fresher and modern

I have spoken to my web guy and he cannot believe this or the fact that he has done things to the site over the weekend so you cannot access it or it cannot be copied. However this is not a problem as we copied it Friday and we can just start again with a new site.
He is clearly a crook and there is no other word for it. I have checked out the figures etc in the email he sent.

This is complete nonsense and the prices are outrageous.. If we were give you admin access to the site, he would not have to do any of the things she is charging for. It is a gross exaggeration to say that it costs so much to back up the website (database / code and email). It would take about 10 seconds to do. My web guy actually do this on all of our sites every month and so every day & it’s free.

If I were you I would say that you are taking legal advice on this as you have has been told that the prices he is quoting amount to blackmail. He could specify the licences he is charging for as this is also nonsense. We are working to the basics done today and let you know of my progress. Then I think we need move on and put this behind us I will be in touch as things progress, Any questions let me know

Website Designer 2
Thanks for login but it is only a basic login. If the current host was to upgrade this to administrator, we could log in and move the site without any problems. I can understand if you do not want to do this. It will only take a few seconds to do and once done we can log in and back up the site to move it away. This would be least costly and only take an hour or so of our time. If you do not ask this I can find out the cost to move it anyway?

I did read through the notes and can see that you asked for the domain to be registered in your name. Can you get an update on this? All the content is copied and so we could rebuild the site from scratch. In fact, we would improve this as it is not a great site. But this would be our second choice as it will take longer and there will be a cost involved would you like me to find this cost out to? Have a good weekend and don’t worry about the site we will get this all sorted

Website Designer 3
Really good to meet you last yesterday and great that you have made the initial connection with your contacts. As discussed I attach the report we went through yesterday and also my invoice for the time to produce the report, our meeting yesterday and producing the next action list and my research. I detail below our actions:

Follow up your original emails by phone and or email
Make contact via phone
Follow up actions in the web and linked in report attached, including:
Make contact with the website provider to investigate cost for a new logo. Will ensure this logo can be used across all media e.g. print and social media and not just the website to maintain consistence
Request investigation into issues accessing email on your smart phone
Investigate whether he can make the changes required to improve the site to make it better for Google.
Investigate access to your current website and we can then look to update together
Draft the design for the new site to incorporate elements in the report
Develop copy and source new images to refresh the website
Develop and produce posters and leaflets to promote the website
Provide costs for a new logo. The cost for the design of new logo is variable
Investigate different hosting options and costs with an alternative web provider

The domain should be registered to you and not your hosting company. Please ask the website provider this. If they do not want to play ball, then this can be resolved with the domain authority for a small fee. They will be happy to put this right. Moving the site will not impact on rankings.

My website company can move and host the site easily enough and the cost of this will depend on the access we can get to the site. If you have full admin access to the backend, then it is a very simple matter. We can also copy all the email across and save this within the new hosting.

All sites hosted with them kept up-to-date and checked regularly for malware. They also take regular backups of sites. The cost of hosting is currently set every two years. The cost of moving will be about £195 if we have full access but will cost more if there is a need to obtain the domain etc.

I can help to do this move. Also just so you aware I am a fully qualified marketer with a first class honours degree and my knowledge, skills experience enable to support you with marketing services as well business coaching. Therefore if you need help with copy writing, design and print, social media, blogging, updating your website, sourcing images any other marketing activities please let me know and I will be happy to discuss with you.

I also think it would be beneficial to write and release a news press release about your business launch to obtain some free publicity which I can certainly help you with.

I also attach my new customer engagement form letter which I meant to give you to sign during our meeting. Please would you read and if you are happy then if you can sign electronically please email back or sign and put in the post many thanks.

Any questions or help and support just get in contact I am here and very happy to help you. I will be in touch regards options for moving of the website when I have more information.

Am just getting myself organised before I meet my website design company on Monday, you listed some other things such as needing more words on the front page etc, could you send those please?

Glad you have a meeting that’s really good news. Are you asking me to write the words for Monday or send you the list of actions again. Here is the list from the full report which is attached if this is what you need

Website performance

Site has been reviewed for its performance. The performance is pretty good and is mobile friendly however to improve the sites performance and then google search results. The following actions are suggested:

Title tag should be 70 characters or less
Description tag needs exact keyword
Description tag should be 160 characters or less
Add a H1, H2, and H3 tag to pages
Add exact keyword to H1, H2, or H3 tag
You should have 2,000+ words on each page
Only use exact keyword 2-4 times
Bold, italicize, or underline exact keyword
Add your exact keyword to anchor text
Link this page to a sitemap.html

However if you need me to write 2,000 words for your home page I am very happy to though will need some time to do that which I do not have before tomorrow. Will also needs some facts from you.

Let me know exactly what you need and I am very happy to help

Thank you, this is what I needed. The lady I spoke to seem to be more attentive when I asked her your questions as he knew I’d been speaking to someone who knew what they were talking about and that I’d been considering moving from her company.

I think I’m going to use them but I would like to get your professional opinion of the changes, I can access the website and together we can make additional changes after he’s done the design work. They were a little embarrassed about how old the site looked, and has altered the contact form which was not working well (I’m not sure how much work I’ve lost because of this). We can review all my hard work when you get back.

Thank you, you’ve made me do a lot of things I have been meaning to do for a long time. We can copy the content and design, use the existing images and perhaps improve on elements. There may be a small cost to obtaining the domain but all in all, this is pretty straight-forward. Once done, you will have full access, full ownership and support available.

We should be able to do it all. It will be worth asking if there are any updates or additions to the site as these can be done at no additional cost at the time. Without admin access there is no realistic way of doing this and any other attempts would cost more than this.

There is probably around 1-2 hours max of my time at the moment plus any additional time if you need me to help with new content for when we move across. Let me know if you wish to go ahead thanks

I completely understand and there is no push to start the logo just checking you received the email. Here is a link to the web company I use and propose to move you to. I find them very supportive and helpful. Please do not share this as I am sure her reaction would be negative.

They will host and make sure everything is updated and secure. You and I will get the site updated and you will have control.

I am so shocked how your current website host has responded however I would like to hear back from my website provider before I advise you on the best action to take as I have not come across an approach like this before. I agree I would not want to be held to ransom either. I will be in touch as soon as I hear back

Can we hold off until I get this sorted as need to look at my finances for my digital profile?

I’m feeling quite confused and anxious about website change over as it’s far from my area of knowledge and I feel a bit lost. All I know is that I cannot work well with the current website design team and they seem to be holding me to ransom. I also want to be sure that I’m moving to a company which I am happy to work with and that I can create the dynamic site I want to

The cost to produce a logo including versions for you to upload to your social media platforms is £305 this will include:

1. 3 logo concepts supplied
2. Colour scheme
3. 2 rounds of changes maximum

Project Deliverables
1. Original artwork files of logo design
2. Social media versions

The first proof will be available for you to review soon assuming we have the approval to proceed early this week

Any questions let me know and I look forward to hearing from you

Details below of what we agreed.

To quote to design a similar logo in a brighter green, using a similar image though individual and text on logo as provided. Need to agree if she wishes to proceed with this depending on costs. If you decides to remain with logo from current provider, to request logo in all suitable formats to use on the web, print and all other digital & marketing material

To source access domain name registration- should be yours if not ask web provider for access
To provide her login and password so we can fully access the back end of the website
To request when hosting contract is up and then if and when she can get out of current contract
To confirm new hosting costs and move over costs. This will be more expensive if we do not have access to domain name
Once moved over we can update the site

Updates to include
New text for home
age supplied. Home page text to link to relevant page e.g. educator text to educator page
Upload new logo-can this be used as a header image.
New Images- To organise new images in suitable format and quality for web and print. Ensure consent forms are signed see sample.

Once we have new images to agree placement of images.

News page needs updating yourself o provide new stories including events that are happening, training your company has completed

Ensure consent from testimonial and an organisation where their name is mentioned.

This covers all our actions. I will come back to you with a quote for the logo and also a confirmed hosting moves and annual hosting fee cost again as I did get this a while ago so always best to check these things.

If you do want me to do the updates on the website as you know my time is charged at £75 per hour and until I have all the changes I cannot actually quote. Once we have access I will be clearer and should have more of an idea of what is involved.

Shall we also book a face time catch up to review progress and actions? In the meantime, I attach the photo consent form and my invoice for today’s meeting.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. The site can be moved and hosted the site easily with the provider I use and the cost of this will depend on the access we can get to the site. If you have full admin access to the backend, then it is a very simple matter. We can also copy all the email across and save this within the new hosting.

Please confirm you wish to go ahead and also whether you are able to supply the necessary items to move things over? Once things are across we can start and update the content together