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Website Designers that could ruin your website

Here is some info a client send me when they moved back to us after being ‘romanced by a SEO / Website Design company that talked them into moving to them and giving them full control of the website, the result is that they lost loads of visitors / rankings and nearly put the company out of business. Please be careful of people promising you more success when they cant even follow the most basic website standards or show any proof of promoting other websites. As you can see from the Website visitors a huge loss of website visitors and enquiries / sales resulted in this decision to trust a friend / salesman on the phone / ‘nice man’ on the end of a phone line with your most valuable business asset.

[SEO Amateurs] I will be taking over your SEO for your website from now on! First of all the domain score (age and trust of domain) website of your competitor has a domain score of 20 your website has a domain score of 12. Thus the only reason so far for website of your competitor to appear above you.

We have added the full edition of Yoast Premium to enhance social media, although not concentrating on that area. I added a new page to your website This new page will see lots of success as we have created some good stuff on it. I have recorded current ranking for both your competitor and yourself, and we review them each time. I will be adding your site to google webmaster tools to update sitemaps, and various other tasks. Have added a site icon which you will now see at the top of each page. Each time we revisit your SEO we will know what is working and what is not.

We will be checking Backlinks, on page links, complete site audits, and see how people are getting to your site, both organically and by other methods. Our SEO provision has expanded hugely within the last few years. We have been testing and researching the latest and most impactful SEO techniques available. Our testing is nearly complete and are only days away from utilising our findings.

We have also implemented full reporting with over 50 integrations if needed. We not only fully use all up-to-date SEO methods but we analyse your site for speed and can ensure that your site is crawled by google to increase your rank in the search results. Optimising your website has many different parts involved, speed is just one of many. We now have internal software that we use to keep your site running smoothly and efficiently to climb that ladder of google results. Reaching the top of that list is our aim. You will be glad to know that your new style reports will be available either Friday or Monday coming.