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Amateur Website Designers – Causing Problems Still

Found this one email (7 years ago) that mentions a website design company that we have hidden to avoid their embarrassment but they are still around wasting businesses time and money with their amateur efforts that have continued to harm genuine businesses that put their trust in them. its a shame that people cant see through some people and know the limited skills and knowledge they posses.

[Tech Guy] Were you by any chance in the shop yesterday? If so thanks for the Socket 939 mobo / case and all the laptop processes – the aforementioned actually beeped for me once i removed most of the hardware, so I’m crossing my fingers that it works. I only have had one encounter with other Computer Engineers locally before before – the guy wanted to charge me £40 just to take out a screw on a laptop that i had broken the head on due to impatience, a friend of mine did it for free! Also i couldn’t even engage him in a conversation, has there been a change of management? It was a lot friendlier this time.

They seem to like hiring young people on Work Experience schemes as they don’t cost much, they didn’t seem to quite understand someone of my age willing to work for minimum wage. I’m not a Website Designer as such, but I am pretty good PC Technician – so perhaps if you don’t think I’m suitable for you would be so kind as to pass the attached on to the shop?

I know one of your competitors did their original site, I had a good chuckle to myself when I first saw their site and their other sites and the markup was awful when i looked – Tables and very amateur coding. I like the CSS box model, i just hate <IE7 ! I’m starting to play around with the extra HTML5 tags, though it’s not as compatible as i like. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to draw the line, for instance should you still support Safari 4 for people on iPhone 3 who cannot upgrade to iOS 6?

As a reminder, here’s the links to the sites I have created, I may be taking the latter down soon though, the guy was a nightmare to work with and hasn’t paid me.

[Website Designers] We are business partners with the shop and not in there yesterday – I will forward your details to them to see what he says, funny to hear about you referring to [One of the local Website Designers] as they caused them loads of hassle / stress as he ‘stole’ their website (registered it in his own name) when we took over – he is basically a ‘bottom feeder’ with limited skills and knowledge but seems to get lots of business by charging nothing or charging too much (charged a charity £800 for a basic website)  but his clients get a terrible website that doesn’t rank anywhere so if you pay peanuts you will not get much ‘return’ on your investment with him. We are more ‘quality and make sure every client gets a search engine friendly website.

[Tech Guy]  Normally with people like that they at least know how to use WordPress (which i personally won’t touch) – he clearly has the skills with Photoshop (?) but carving up big images into table cell backgrounds? Yuck – it’s not the 90’s anymore! It is a bit of a tricky one Website Design – it’s balancing design skills with technical ones, so it’s a bit of a clash of the humanities against science. Perhaps I need to do a graphic design course somewhere.

I noticed on your site that you mentioned having a focus on QA, would just like to add that my first job was with an e-commerce company doing testing, and in the second I implemented build/release/version control procedures. It does seem to be an afterthought for a lot of web companies, but then I’d imagine some of them haven’t worked in a conventional software development environment before.

Also have a fair amount of experience with Linux (we have a Mac or two around the house and barely any Windows) – i used to use Gentoo myself, but life’s too short for faffing so it’s Ubuntu now. I actually started on SuSE in 1998/1999 on a 486. Even my mother can use Ubuntu – one thing i would love to do in the future is to sell recycled PC’s running said distro and provide training etc, sad that companies stay in the comfort zone of Windows.

Anyway thanks again for your message on Facebook, and if i did in fact speak to you in person yesterday, for the excess hardware!