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What do I get from my Website?

From Delicious Webdesign the answer is more than you expect and as an example here is a list of what we recently sent a client as an overview of our website design / development services and SEO services.

Here is the agreed list of what is included / what work will be included / what you will get as part of our website design package for your new website:

We agreed a budget for the following, we have received a 50% deposit allowing us to commence the project and the remainder of the balance will become due when we have completed the website for you, I will assure you this is not expensive for the level of design / SEO / support you will receive, will do our best to ensure you get total satisfaction.

Bespoke / Content Managed / Responsive Website (you can control the website text / photos / news and it looks and works perfectly on touch enabled devices like mobiles and tablets)

Website Functionality allowing you to add / change / remove areas /  (full profiles and full galleries), the website allows agencies to be added to the site. You can choose the cost for these to register / add services and once setup we can ensure reoccurring payments
We can setup the website so members that join can be classed as VIP member and have a function to add agencies as their favourites / hide certain info from normal users.

Domain Name purchase / Configuration
Website Hosting for two years (hosting is then £7.50 per month or £90 per year)
Email setup and configuration (will setup email for you remotely on your own machines or setup your phone / laptop at my office)

3 Months Advanced SEO

Webcopy 1500 words (text for the site including faqs, privacy, recruitment, conditions page and news page)

Logo Design / Brand design (multiple bespoke logos created and provided for approval)

Support / Training / Help / Advice (telephone / email and training can be done here or remotely via Internet sharing screens)

News section built into the site to allow info on new agencies / services / areas

Updates to profiles to make them more ‘search friendly’

Overview of features
– Email verification for the signups
– Slideshow in the header
– Country / Areas Divisions
– Profile image management
– Hide or show sections of the site that you don’t want to use
– Show/hide registration fields and choose which are mandatory
– Image verification upload where escorts upload a photo so you can verify that they are real
– Profile pages for each agency
– Complete editing of profiles
– Premium status
– Featured status
– Verified Status
– Spam protection
– Classified Ad section – allowing wanted / offered postings
– Reviews and star rating system for agencies
– Advanced search page
– Ad space in the header, sidebars and footer
– Contact forms on all escort and agency profile pages
– Website contact form

Will need you to confirm these / complete these questions:

1, Domain name choice

2, Domain Name Registration Name / Address / phone / email address

3, What design choices / ideas you have (colours / style)?

4, Do you want us to create the brand / logo

5, How many areas do you want to feature initially, please give them.

6, Do you have any agency’s profiles ready (photos and descriptions)? If so please start emailing them.

7, Sub-pages faqs / about / recruitment / booking page / areas

8, Personal Contact details

Regarding The SEO project
SEO is, I would suggest, a combination of both art and science; and unfortunately an area of the internet that has been heavily exploited of late, by companies professing to be able to achieve the impossible for outrageous charges. It continues to amaze me that such companies can make these claims whilst seeming unable to get their own site up the rankings, something not quite right there!

We have enjoyed a wide number of top 10 Google Rankings for some years now in one of the most competitive markets. We therefore know what’s needed to considerably improve a site’s positioning and increase levels of business. Almost all our clients have arrived from internet enquiries.

The Search Engines including the most popular one Google are proactive and intelligent and have now realised that by constantly changing the way they rate websites (their algorithm) this will encourage more subscriptions to their lucrative AdWords business model. In 2009 they made over 400 changes to their algorithm (more than 1 a day!). In response to this, we monitor Google’s ever-changing algorithms to ensure our clients’ sites continue to achieve top search positions.

Our work consists of 2 parts – ‘on-site’ optimisation, where we analyse and fix website problems to ensure your site is search engine friendly, and ‘off-site’ optimisation, where creativity, experience and contacts are paramount to build quality backlinks (classed by Google as votes of confidence to your site). Both must work together harmoniously in order to achieve maximum search positions. As we are an established company, you can be sure that our experience and contacts are second to none. Let us face it our development teams built your site now our SEO department want to make this better than it already is.

As part of the SEO work we do, we look at how your business works, your marketplace functions and your competitors operate and use our extensive network of contacts to establish quality backlinks to your website. Our experience gives us a big advantage over competitors to help us to understand what makes a backlink good quality and what makes a backlink poor quality (and should be avoided). We also examine suitable directories to submit your site to as well as social bookmarking sites, blogs, forums and a variety of other techniques for building good quality backlinks to your site – all aimed at increasing your search position and business sales.

Our advanced SEO offsite work would focus on increasing the number of quality backlinks to your website and this would help to improve your site’s authority, your search position and most importantly the amount of business your site generates.

We have great record for obtaining Page 1 Google results for our clients using the Advanced SEO package.

The Delicious Webdesign Advanced SEO package includes:
· Complete site analysis
· Onsite and offsite search engine maximisation techniques
· Search diagnostics and fixes
· Manual intervention across all metadata fields
· Intelligent manual link building campaigns
· Increased search ranks
· Monthly traffic reports
· Submission to Google Places
· Regular email communication to keep you updated on all aspects of your campaign

What we do:
Analyse competition
· Using Specialist SEO tools
· Evaluation of website (links, pages, layouts, speeds, content etc)

Align site as required
· Changing title tags
· Changing meta descriptions
· Changing keywords
· Assessing the linking architecture to see if this is simple enough for search bots to scan
· Creating sitemaps where needed

Link building
· Techniques are used to build high quality links to a client’s site.
· The important thing to remember with this is that we go for quality, not quantity.

Analyse results
· Assess the uptake of changes and the success of these
· Through Google itself
· Through Open Site Explorer &
· We also use our own bespoke tools

It is important to understand that the website promotion that we complete for you wont rank your website higher or bring in more visitors instantly it will take time (sometimes many months for the positive effect to be seen but the work completed will be ‘best practise’ and will give you a rock solid platform to built upon. The fixed term SEO Project contract is an ideal solution for business owners who are in this to succeed and are interested in making a saving on their marketing costs.

I would suggest your site will be given the ‘best chance’ of success and will be built to last but long term you may need to keep taking our suggestions / building content / promoting the website to maintain high rankings