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Website Design Mockups

Here is an example of the website mockups we create for clients, we will create you a draft design so you can view / review / comment on it before the ‘real’ website design begins.

We have put together some mock ups for you of various pages, hopefully we are on the right track with this. It is a far more modern looking website than you currently have and we have tried to remove the old-fashioned look you mentioned with all the old design elements. Instead we have used a more subtle green with varying colours for other calls to action and social media integration with a very polished front page image with great marketing messages.

The website will be fully responsive, so it will work on mobile, tablet and desktop, we will review all of the text on there for you as some of it doesn’t tend to read very well at the moment and is a bit generic.

We hope this is what you were expecting. If you are happy then we can get on and with building it. We can keep you updated throughout the progress as pages are completed and you can make any suggestions or tweaks as we go. If there is anything else you would like to see before me getting started, then let me know.

I will build it locally on our development server but we can start conversations with your current website designer / hosting provider in the meantime if you can forward on their details. Also if you have the email of the additional bits that you wanted added, I can also get these in place.

Just a note, all of the text and images in these mocks up are just for show at the moment. These will all most likely be changes for better alternatives.

Home Page
The home page (index page / landing page) gives an initial introduction in to the important elements to capture a visitors attention, making sure they know what you do and what you stand for. This is all achieved, in summary, with the very top of your site.You do not want too much text on your opening page as this can be daunting for visitors. Instead let their attention be captured and allow them to explore.Your main services are highlighted and the full list can be seen with a call to action.A summary of your portfolio is also available ensuring that some of your most desirable pictures can be seen easily. These can be clicked on to view a specific project.Your testimonials will stand alongside your Check a Trade rating card, and again will provide a summary, with more in depth reviews able to be accessed on a separate page

Services Section
Here will be all of the services you provide, which will then link through to a separate page with more information based on text from your current site.

Your portfolio will be a series of images. When you rollover the image a basic description of the project will be displayed and will allow you to click on it.You can also filter based on tags that have been applied to the project.

Where you have multiple images, these can easily be viewed by using the arrows at the top right of the image. You can switch projects using the controls above the image.A description of the project can be added to give you visitors some information about the project, how it was completed, the timeframe etc