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Ecommerce Site or Brochure Site?

This was a decision a client had to make recently, you really need to think about what you want to do / achieve with a website when starting out a business, running an ecommerce website / business is not a simple ‘one-off’ task and we will give you a overview of what you can realistically expect when you come to us for advice about any website.

Here are my notes / thoughts from today’s meeting, initially I do remember we were talking about a non-ecomerce site and that’s where the initial figure may have come from, will still honour this but what you really want / need is a full ecommerce system to show all your products efficiently allowing each to be viewed and purchased efficiently and this will be at our standard rate.

Client to do
1, Confirm these notes
2, Create facebook page
3 Confirm you want a full ecommerce website or a ‘brochure’ site with a contact / order form on it
4 For ecommerce website you will need a business paypal account and to get us the API details from it (we can do this for you also)
5 Confirm page names / Provide website content (text)
6 Review example websites given for your favoured look / feel

1, Integrate Facebook feed into the website
2, Delivery costs need to be decided
3. UK only delivery / Paypal payment provider (api details to be provided)
4, Client to be given help / advice / training on how to add products
5, We will add a test products fully populated with colours / prices for testing and to use as an example for you
6, We will provide you with a guide how to add / change / remove / administer the system
7. We will support / help you with the new site / training

Project Overview
1, Bespoke Ecommerce Search Optimised (Responsive / Content Managed)
Full Admin functionality / Website Stats provided in a report format showing most viewed pages / categories
2, SEO project after the site is built / This can be extended if we believe the website could benefit from it, to be reviewed after 3 months.
3, Content – Webcopy for pages based on your requirements and notes,
4, Technical – Secure Dedicated Server / Daily Backup (Disaster Recovery) Hosting on UK Based Dedicated server (1 year included)
5, Help / Support / training / Management of your new ecommerce system, can help you using your own PC via remote access
6, Full training provided (management of site / setup / processes)
7, Full support / help and advice given (instant support via mobile and 12 hour response via email guaranteed – normally within 1 hour within the hours of 10-10)
8, Logo Designs (4 Designs Created for you to choose from)

Full Project Estimated Financials
Full Ecommerce Site
Business Brochure Site
Estimated time / duration – 4 weeks (20 working days) Minimum
Deposit of 50% to commence project
Balance payable on completion of project

Hope this sounds good / fair / reasonable and look forward to getting this started for you.