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Website Proposal – Ideas

I’ll send over the updated proposal soon with the new ideas. Our head website designer is away so I’ve set up a meeting with him then to run through the updates on the website. From our conversation, I think the main things were:

Better Visibility on Search Engines (SEO)
Fresher and Cleaner look
Simplified user journey
New page for News items

I’ll send over our thoughts afterwards and we can organise a call to go over the ideas from both sides.

So that we’re both on the same page going forward, here’s the idea I got of the plan:

Bump up organic efforts, test creative promotions
Boost engagement with people on Instagram / Facebook
Create and implement the updated website design
Begin running ads utilising the most popular content from the organic feed
Lastly, we briefly chatted in our initial meeting about implementing some website promotion services and I think organic would be a great fit. The content you currently have is great and I think it would really benefit from some unification, added design, and boosting to solidify your space online. This could then free up more of your time for developing more content – such as providing your new project details – and we can help to collaborate on this content to help with branding / creative direction.

We could then run the occasional ads to try and push brand awareness and enquiries, let me know if you have any thoughts on the above, and feel free to give me a call if you want to chat anything through.