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Website Project Investigation

Very old Project Investigation to give an indication for your potential website project, if you have any business ideas please get in touch.

[Delicious Webdesign] Do you have a ‘specification’ or requirements list for us to work from? Can you give me an idea of your budget for this project, appreciate this is early stages and financials will come later but need to know we are on the same page before we invest more time looking into it as your requirements are technically challenging and demanding and will need to pull a lot of people about to cater for it.

[Website Owner] My partner is trying to secure the exact requirements from our partner company. as soon as we have been sent them, we shall include them in our specifications doc and send it over too you.

I am reluctant to say what funds we have available as we do not wish this to influence a final price. We do realise that it will be a bespoke site and quite in depth so don’t worry, we know that it will be expensive. If you check out other site you will see an example of a site we have had built from scratch, so we already realise this one will be more complex. We welcome any questions and thank you for letting me know about your problems logging the job on the website. We realise the complexities of the new website so appreciate you may have lots to ask us. I will look for an email between ourselves and out partners recommending how the site’s back-end is put together. I dont know if i stated it but there is a website and app, but yes, we would like the app to work on as many platforms as possible. When you say “reference app” what do you mean exactly? Unfortunatly my business partner is the more technically minded one, i’m just the designer and ideas guy! lol!

[Delicious Webdesign] We will be working on our proposal for you and should have some ideas by next Thursday, its possible that we will have some additional questions regarding the website project that we will put to you before then. Once we understand the project completely and can confirm we can provide you with everything you need within your budget we can them meet to discuss the finer points. Yes know about the website and app but apps obviously are standalone products and we can create iphone and android apps or just one or the other. Reference app meaning is there an app that already exists that is similar to what you require?

Our initial investigations have given us some indications on time, resource allocation and effort involved with your project:

We anticipate it will take the following amount of time for each stage

Project Stages

Application Design Integration + Development Time frame: 61 working days
Database designing and Installation: 2 working days
Project management + Testing and Final Deployment: 17 working days
Estimated timeline: 80 working days

Resource allocation
1 Project Manager + 2 Sr. Designers + 1 Quality Tester


Project commencement and staged payments required at he initial delivery of project prior to testing (approx two months after commencement of project) then final payment at project completion.

Look forward to hearing from you about this initial agreement in principal and if you are agreeable to these timings and costings we can go forward with more detailed project planning and documentation.

While analyzing your project requirements our technical gurus have some extra queries which are mentioned as below. Can you go through the below queries and assumptions and send us your comments so we can move to the next level and provide you with the Feature List document.


We assume that we create Mobile application using PhoneGap / Raphael which will work on iPhone and Android Device? We assume that there will be no ‘specific website for this app.

As you mentioned we need to use Red Laser Bar code for Dietary section, So would you please provide more detail on this from where we can get / fetch this diet data using barcode scanning ? Do you have any existing database that contains barcodes / products and calories?

Would you please provide more detail on Augmented Reality (AR) option As how we can use it for Strength Section? How we can the system suggest the correct exercise Position?  Please Let us know which other hardware we need to integrate in the application and would you provide required API for each hardware device to read data from the device?

Barcode Scanning / AR and other hardware integration will be for Mobile application only for not the website, is this assumption correct?

Please provide more details and available option for all main 4 section such as Diet, Strength, Fitness and Performance, which detail we need to include for each ? and what are the options user have?

[Website Owner] Thank you for pricing the site up for me, I think it may be technically more involved than you think and i would like the chance to meet up with you if at all possible.When are you available to meet up? Thank you for your email and continued interest. Obviously as you correctly stated, we have undertaken a mammoth project with some big names involved. We have been fortunate enough to secure funding and everyone involved seems keen for it to progress.

Did you decide if this was too big a job for your team? We looked at your proposal but as we said in our meeting, there are further things to add to it such as the social networking side etc.  My Fitness Pal is indeed one of the competitors we looked at and we have watched their product change over the last 12 months or so. We do not think they offer nearly as much functionality as ours as their website seems to have limited info on products and exercises but it is still a good effort.

We hope that the added functionality of augmented reality, barcode scanning, social networking between your PT, GP and friends plus games such as “Bench Press a double decker bus” and “row the London BoatRace” will make our product a more rounded experience.

Please keep in contact as both of us were very impressed with your feedback and we could well use you for our upgraded website project even if you decide that our current project idea is too much to take on.